Blackboard 9 - Using SafeAssignments

This document describes how instructors and teaching assistants can use the SafeAssignment system to check papers for plagiarism. There are two ways to put papers into the SafeAssign system: set up a "SafeAssignment" to have students submit assignments themselves, or use the "DirectSubmit" to upload the papers yourself. See Using DirectSubmit for instructions. This page describes how to create SafeAssignment which students can use to submit papers themselves.

For instructions on creating assignment without SafeAssign, see Creating Assignments.

To begin, make sure that you are in edit mode (this is near the top right of the window).

Turn Edit On

Turn on SafeAssign

By default, the SafeAssign system is off. So you'll have to turn it on for each class in which you want to use it. Go to Control Panel, click Customization then Tool Availability, then check both the SafeAssign and the SafeAssignment boxes, then click Submit.

SA Tools

Create SafeAssignment

Go to a Content Area where you want to put your assignment link. You should see four blue buttons. Click on Evaluate then Create SafeAssignment.

SA Create

On the next page, enter the information about the assignment:

SA Enter Info

The Name and Points Possible are required. You can use the Instructions section to give any additional information the students might need. Students will not see the assignment until you check "Make the assessment available" as Yes. The "Student Viewable" option determines whether or not students will be able to view their own SafeAssign report after they submit the assignment.

After you've entered all the information, click the Submit button. This will create a column in your Grade Center with the name and point value you entered. See Grading Assignments for instructions on how to read student submissions once they've submitted them.

Also, you may want to refer your students to these instructions for students: Submitting Assignments.

Viewing SafeAssignment Reports

An hour or so after a paper is submitted, you can check the SafeAssign report to see if the paper was plagiarized. In the Control Panel, go to Course Tools then SafeAssign.

SA Control Panel item

Then click on the SafeAssignments link:

SA Link

The next page will list the assignments you've set up in the class. Pull down the menu next to the assignment you want to view, and choose View Submissions:

SA View Submissions

This will show you a summary of the results that looks something like this:

SA View Report

Click the Text icon to view the text of that student's submission, click the File icon to download a copy of the submitted file. Click the SA Report icon to view a detailed report on which sentences matched other sources. The percentage shows how much of the submission matches other sources. The acceptable amount varies by assignment, so look for unusually high percentages in comparison to the other results. (In this example, Alexandra has not submitted anything.)

You can also use this summary page to download all the files if you need to. To let a student submit another version, click the checkbox next to their name, and choose Clear Checked Attempts. This will delete those files.