Blackboard 9 - Creating Folders and Posting Content

This document describes how instructors and teaching assistants can post content and links to web sites on a Blackboard course site. You can post any kind of content - articles, your syllabus, instructions, audio, video, etc. Make sure that you are in edit mode (this is near the top right of the window).

Turn Edit On

Choose a Folder or Create a Folder

To begin, go to a course and choose a location for your content. This will depend on how you want to design your course. Your course may already have an existing blank Content Area folder that you can use. To use an existing folder click on it, then see Create Item below.

To create a new folder, click on the blue + icon, then choose Create Content Area. Type in a name, check the box next to "Available to Users" so your students will be able to see the folder, then click Submit.


Add Area

You can also rename an existing folder, move folder buttons up & down, and hide them from students. Use the button menu to rename, show/hide, or delete. Use the little arrows to the left to move the button up or down. The gray dotted box indicates that the content area is empty. It will not appear for students or for instructor when the edit mode is off. The box with a line through it indicates that the button has been hidden from students (use menu to "Show Link").

Button Icons

Button Menu

Create a Content Item

Once you've chosen a folder and clicked on it, you will see several blue buttons like this:

Content Area Menu

Click Build Content then Item to make a new normal content item.

Content Area Menu

The other options are described elsewhere ("Content Folder" in the "New Page" section creates sub-folders and specialized items, the "Create Assessment" button creates items linked to the Grade Center, and "Add Interactive Tool" creates items that have to do with groups and discussions).

On the next screen, type your content or upload your file. The screen looks like this:

Create Item 1

In the Name field, type a name for the content item. This will appear as the main title for this item. You can use the Text area in several ways. You can describe the file you're posting (or leave it blank if it's obvious from the file name). Or you can type all the actual content in that text field, rather than attaching a file.

Generally, it will be easier for students if you post most of the content in the text area, rather than uploading Word or PDF documents. If you upload a document, students will need to do the extra step of downloading the file before they read it.

The Create Item page continues:

Create Item 2

Section 2, Attachment. To upload a document, click Browse My Computer, then find it on your computer. If you don't like the file name, you can fill in "Link Title " to change the name as it appears on Blackboard. Normally, you'll leave that blank. And normally, you'll leave "File Action" as "Create a link to this file."

Section 3, Options. Normally, you will leave this section as-is. You can use these options to restrict the time in which students will be able to see this item. If you don't choose date and time restrictions, students will always be able to see this item.

Editing Content

After you've created an item, edit it by choosing "Edit" in the menu next to the name:

Edit Item

You can also change the order of the content items by grabbing and dragging the arrows to the left of the item name and icon.