Blackboard 9 - Import Packages

This document describes how instructors and teaching assistants can use the Import Packages tool to upload content to a Blackboard course.

First, you will need to download or create a package, so that you have the ZIP file somewhere on your computer. Next, use the Import Package to upload the content to your Blackboard course. Make sure you have Edit Mode turned on.

Turn Edit On

Import Package

See below for details on downloading or creating a package. Once you have a package (a ZIP archive file) on your computer, go to the class where you want to upload the content. Choose Control Panel / Packages and Utilities / Import Package.

Import Package

On the next screen, click Browse to choose the ZIP archive file on your computer, then choose which parts to import (usually just the Content Areas).

Select Package

Click Submit, and you will see this notice:

Action Queued

After a few moments, the new content will appear next time you click something in the class. This process usually takes just a minute or two.

Biola Standard Packages

We have a few packages with standard, recommended content for a typical class using Blackboard. You can download these ZIP archive files here, then add them to your class as described above. - For a typical class.

This package contains four Content Area folders:

  • Dropbox - An area for student assignments
  • Meet the Professor - A place to introduce yourself
  • Library - Links to the Biola libarary
  • Help - Instructions for students on getting Blackboard help

Package Logo

If you only want some of these, load the whole package then delete what you won't use. - For an online class

This package will contain a suggested template for a class run mostly (or completely) online. This template is not yet published.

Export - Create Your Own Packages

If you or your department want to create your own packages with your own content that you might use over several sections or several semester, you can do so with the Export / Archive Course tool. First, create all the content in a class, then go to that class and choose Control Panel / Packages and Utilities / Export, then click Export.

Export Button

Note: Export is for copying specific parts of a course to another course. Archive is for making a backup copy of the whole course (to restore later to the same course if something gets lost). On the next page, choose what parts of the course you want to put in the package and click Submit.

Select Course Materials

You will see this message:

Action Queued

After a few moments (usually less than two minutes), go back to Control Panel / Packages and Utilities / Import Package and you will see a ZIP archive file there, ready for you to download.

Export Zip menu

Click on the file link to save it to your computer. Use the menu to delete the file when you're done with it. Once you have the ZIP archive on your computer, you or other instructors can use it to upload course material to other courses.