Blackboard 9 - Grading Assignments

This document describes how instructors and teaching assistants can view assignments that have been submitted by students using the Assignments feature of Blackboard. The first step is to create an assignment. See Creating Assignments.

Entering Grades

To begin, go in to a course and use the Control Panel to go to the Grade Center then Full Grade Center :

Control Panel

Grade Box

To enter or change a grade, click on the box and type in the grade. Each box has a little menu on the right hand side, which you can use to see detailed history of the grade. A little orange triangle indicates that grade has been changed.

View Assignments

If students have submitted assignments using the Assignment feature, you will see a green exclamation point icon in the grade. This indicates an ungraded "attempt." In Blackboard language, this means the student has attempted to complete the assignment. Use the menu just to the right of the icon to choose "View Grade Details."

View Grade

This will show a page with history of the grade and list of student "attempts" at finishing the assignment (normally there will only be one attempt). You can navigate to other attempts by other students or for other assignments from this page:

Jump To User

Click on View Attempt to see what the student submitted.

Open Attempts

After you click the View Attempt button, you will see the information and history of the assignment:

Grade Assignment

and places for you to download and grade the assignment:

Current Attempt

The Review Current Attempt section will show links to student comments and any attachments they may have submitted. If you do not see an attachment, it's likely that the student did not submit a file correctly. Refer students to Submitting Assignments.

Enter a grade in the Grade Current Attempt section. You can also provide feedback to the student by entering a comment directly, or by uploading a document in response - click Browse for Local File. For example, some instructors us Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" feature to write comments directly in the students' papers, then upload this edited version back to the student.

You can use the Instructor Notes section to make notes to yourself about this assignment that the student will not see.

Downloading Assignment Files

If you want to download all student submissions for an assignment, use the menu to the right of the grade column name, at the top of the grades, and choose "Assignment File Download."

File Download

On the next page, choose which students' papers to download, or click the first box to select everyone, then click Submit.


Blackboard will create a compressed ZIP folder, and show you a link, like this:


What happens when you click on that link will depend on your browser settings. Your browser might save the file on the Desktop, ask you where to save it, or open it.