Blackboard 9 - Grade Center - Creating Columns

This document describes how instructors and teachers' assistants can use the Blackboard gradebook to keep track of student grades and make them available to students.

Instructors, teachers' assistants, and graders in the course can see and change grades for everyone in the class, but each student can only view their own grades.

To begin, go to the Control Panel of a class, click Grade Center , then Full Grade Center .

Control Panel Grade Center

Create Column Button

Create a New Column

Click the Create Column button to make a new column. The Column Name and Points Possible fields are the only ones required. If you have a long Column Name, it might be helpful to enter a shorter Grade Center Display Name that will appear at the top of the column in your view of the grade center (students will not see this name).

There are a few more self-explanatory options which you will most likely leave as-is.

Column Info 2

If you want to hide the column from students, choose "No" for "Show this Column to Studnets." Note that this is different than hiding the column from your own view in the Grade Center.

Click the blue Submit button to finish creating the column.

Edit Existing Column

If you would like to change the settings of an existing column, click the little menu to the right of the column name, then choose "Edit Column Information."

Edit Column Info

That will take you back to the options explained above. You can also use this menu to delete the column and all the grades, or to hide the column from your own view (students will still see it). To hide the column from students, edit the column, and choose "No" for "Show this Column to Studnets."

Grade Center Categories

Using "Category" field in a grade column lets you group assignments together, which can be helpful if you're using Blackboard to calculate a weighted total grade. See Weighted Grades. To begin, click the blue Manage menu, then choose "Categories."

Manage Categories

Category Button

Click the blue Create Category button. You can choose whatever categories fit your class. There are a few system-designed categories provided for you. On the next screen, type a name then click Submit.

Create Category

Assignments - Accept Student Submissions

You can create an assignment link that will allow students to submit assignments directly on Blackboard. These assignments will appear in a column in the Grade Center. However, to create such a column, use the Assignments feature rather than the Create Column button. Creating an Assignment will automatically create a column for you. See Creating Assignments.