Blackboard 9 - Using SafeAssign DirectSubmit

This document describes how instructors and teaching assistants can use the SafeAssign DirectSubmit system to upload papers to be checked for plagiarism. There are two ways to put papers into the SafeAssign system: set up a "SafeAssignment" to have students submit assignments themselves, or use the "DirectSubmit" to upload the papers yourself. Go to Using SafeAssignments for instructions about SafeAssignments. This page describes how to upload papers yourself using DirectSubmit.

To begin, make sure that you are in edit mode (this is near the top right of the window).

Turn Edit On

Go to DirectSubmit

To begin, in the Control Panel, go to Course Tools then SafeAssign.

SA Control Panel item

Then click on the DirectSubmit link:

SA Link

The next page will show the main DirectSubmit folder list.

Folder Organization

The main DirectSubmit page looks like this when empty:

DS Main

There are two main sections: Private and Shared. Everything in the Private section is viewable only to you, and is common across all your classes. The Shared section is viewable by other instructors and TA's for this one class, and is unique to that class.

We recommend using folders to keep papers organized. To create a new folder, type in a name, then click Add. Next, click on that folder name to go in to that folder. For example, if you are using the Private section, you may want to create a new folder for every semester of a class you teach regularly.

Adding Papers

To add a paper, go in to a folder that you've created, then click the Submit a Paper button. The next screen will look like this:

DS Submission Options

You can either upload a file or copy and paste the text of a document into this page. The only types of files you can upload are Microsoft Word, Open Document, PDF, RTF, and HTML files.

To upload more than one paper at a time, you will first need to create a ZIP file on your computer (also known as a compressed folder, or archive). Then upload that ZIP file.

To upload a file, click the Browse button, find the file and click Open, then click Submit.

Viewing SafeAssign Reports

After you submit a file, the system will take between 10 minutes and a couple hours to process the file and create a report. After it's done, go back to the same folder, and you will see a summary list of files and reports that looks like this:

DS File List

Click the File icon to download a copy of the submitted file. Click the SA Report icon to view a detailed report on which sentences matched other sources. The percentage shows how much of the submission matches other sources. The acceptable amount varies by assignment, so look for unusually high percentages in comparison to the other results.

Turning on SafeAssign

For some older classes , the SafeAssign system might be turned off. So you'll have to turn it on to use it. Go to Control Panel, click Customization then Tool Availability, then check both the SafeAssign and the SafeAssignment boxes, then click Submit.

SA Tools