Blackboard 9 - Creating Assignments

This document describes how instructors and teaching assistants can use the Assignments feature of Blackboard to allow students to submit assignments online. This page describes how to set up the assignment. See Grading Assignments for instructions on viewing students' assigments after they've submitted them. To begin, make sure that you are in edit mode (this is near the top right of the window).

Turn Edit On

Choose Folder

Go to a course and choose a location for your content. This will depend on how you want to design your course. Your course may already have an existing blank Content Area folder that you can use - for example, you might want to use the one called Assignments or Dropbox. See the beginning of the page on Posting Content for instructions on creating your own folder.

Create Assignment

In a Content area, you should see four Blue buttons - click on Create Assessment then Assignment.

Evaluate Create Assignment

On the next page, enter a name (required) and a description for the assignment. In the description, you may want to refer students to these instructions for submitting assignments.

Create Assignment 1

Use Section 2 if you need to send students a file related to this assignment. Enter the total points possible (required) in Section 3. In Section 4, set some options for when the assignment is available. We recommend choosing the "Allow unlimited attempts" option so students can try again if they make a mistake in uploading their assignment the first time.

Create Assignment 2

You may want to enter a due date in Section 5. And change the option in Section 6 if this is a group assignment. Click Submit to finish creating the assignment.

Create Assignment 3