Vehicle Code Fines

60Failure to Display a Valid Parking Permit/Permit Improperly Displayed $35.00
61Overtime in a Timed Zone $35.00
62Illegal Parking $35.00
63Bicycle/Skateboard Violation $35.00
64Unsafe Vehicle Equipment $40.00
65Failure to Obey Official Parking Sign $35.00
66Obstructing Traffic $35.00
68Excessive Speed
Up to 10 mph over limit$60.00
11-15 mph over limit$75.00
16-20 mph over limit$85.00
21 mph or more over limit $95.00
69Passing a Moving Vehicle $55.00
70Failure to Stop at a Posted Sign $50.00
71Placing Previously Issued Citation on Vehicle $100.00
72Helmet Violation$40.00
73Failure to Yield to Pedestrian/Vehicle/Campus Safety $100.00
75Vehicle Gate Violation $100.00
76Reckless Driving/Misuse of Vehicle $110.00
77 Red Zone/Fire Lane/Fire Hydrant $100.00
78Disabled Parking $200.00
79Miscellaneous Violation (Determined by Campus Safety Administrative Office) TBD
98Repeat Offense
3rd offense $20.00
4th offense $30.00
5th and subsequent offenses $40.00

Please refer to the Annual Security Report (Handbook) for a complete description of vehicle regulations.