Safety Code Fines

10Giving Unauthorized Access to a Closed Building $75.00
11Propping Building Door Open $50.00
13Refusing to Identify Self to Campus Safety Official $65.00
14Unnecessary or Loud Noise During Quiet Hours $40.00
15Harassing Telephone Calls $65.00
16Throwing Projectile at Pedestrian or Vehicle $90.00
17Tampering with a Smoke Detector $150.00
18Possession of Fireworks $50.00
19Misconduct / Failure To Obey A University Official $100.00
20Tampering with, or Unlawful Activation of, a Fire Alarm $250.00
21Possession of Firearm/Unauthorized Weapon $250.00
22Possession or Under the Influence of Narcotics $150.00
23Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $150.00
24Possession or Under the Influence of Alcohol $125.00
79Miscellaneous Violation (Determined by Campus Safety Admin Office) TBD
98Repeat Offense
3rd offense $20.00
4th offense $30.00
5th and subsequent offenses $40.00

Please refer to the Annual Security Report (Handbook) for a complete description of vehicle regulations.