Safety Codes

Statement of Policy

The Biola University department of Campus Safety has the responsibility and authority to administer safety and law enforcement for the institution. The function is defined in part as the supervision of all activities that lead to the prevention, apprehension, and investigation of crimes and criminal activity on University property. The Department of Campus Safety enforces a variety of criminal statutes originating from the federal and state municipal levels of government. Campus Safety, along with the Department of Student Development, is also responsible for enforcing several areas of student behavior under the University code of conduct.


Biola University Campus Safety policies and procedures are aimed at safety and welfare. Help maintain safety by following all rules and regulations and by using common sense safety practices. It is the responsibility of each Biola community member to refrain from criminal activities and any other form of behavior that might endanger the safety and welfare of any community member.

Violations, Fines, & Service Fees

In instances where campus rules are violated, the department of Campus Safety may impose selected administrative fines in addition to any academic discipline imposed by the Department of Student Development. Criminal behavior may result in criminal prosecution. Campus Safety may also impose administrative service fees for the performance of certain services such as door unlocks for residence hall rooms. A complete fee schedule is available on the Campus.

Safety Code Fines

10Giving Unauthorized Access to a Closed Building $75.00
11Propping Building Door Open $50.00
13Refusing to Identify Self to Campus Safety Official $65.00
14Unnecessary or Loud Noise During Quiet Hours $40.00
15Harassing Telephone Calls $65.00
16Throwing Projectile at Pedestrian or Vehicle $90.00
17Tampering with a Smoke Detector $150.00
18Possession of Fireworks $50.00
19Misconduct / Failure To Obey A University Official $100.00
20Tampering with, or Unlawful Activation of, a Fire Alarm $250.00
21Possession of Firearm/Unauthorized Weapon $250.00
22Possession or Under the Influence of Narcotics $150.00
23Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $150.00
24Possession or Under the Influence of Alcohol $125.00
79Miscellaneous Violation (Determined by Campus Safety Admin Office) TBD
98Repeat Offense
3rd offense $20.00
4th offense $30.00
5th and subsequent offenses $40.00

Please refer to the Annual Security Report (Handbook) for a complete description of vehicle regulations.

Safety Code Violations

(10)Giving Unauthorized Access to a Closed Building: No person shall give access into any closed University building to any unauthorized person.
(11)Propping a Building's Door Open: No one, except in an emergency, is allowed to prop open a residence hall door or locked building door.
(13)Refusing to Identify Self to Campus Safety Official: All persons on campus are required to present identification when asked by a Campus Safety Official to do so.
(14)Unnecessary or Loud Noise During Quiet Hours: No one shall create loud or unnecessary noise, as defined in La Mirada Municipal Code section 9.04.010 between 10:00 pm & 7:00 am. This code can be enforceable outside the time range indicated. (Misdemeanor)
(15)Harassing Telephone Calls: No one shall make telephone calls with the intent to harass another person. (Section 653m of the California Penal Code; Misdemeanor)
(16)Throwing Projectile at Pedestrian or Vehicle: No person shall throw a projectile at a pedestrian (240 and 242 of the California Penal Code; Misdemeanor / Felony). No person shall throw a projectile at a vehicle or occupant thereof while on Biola property. (Section 23110 of the California Vehicle Code; Misdemeanor / Felony)
(17)Tampering with a Smoke Detector: No one shall un-lawfully tamper with a smoke detector. (Section 11.302 of the California Fire Code; 148.4 California Penal Code; Misdemeanor)
(18)Possession of Fireworks: No person shall possess fireworks, as defined in La Mirada Municipal Code section 16.12.020, on Biola property. (Misdemeanor)
(19)Misconduct / Failure To Obey A University Official: No person shall engage in misconduct as defined in any University Student Handbook, Housing Hand-book, University policy & rules, local state, and federal statutes. Examples include, but are not limited to intentionally causing public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm; recklessly causing risk; conduct that disturbs the peace, endangers the morals, health or safety of persons; disrespect of, or refusing direction from University staff or faculty in the performance of their duties. Violators may also be subject to criminal charges, disciplinary referrals, and/or additional fines.
(20)Tampering with, or Unlawful Activation of, a Fire Alarm: No person shall unlawfully tamper with, or unlawfully activate, a fire alarm or fire detector as defined in section 11.302 of the California Fire Code. (Misdemeanor)
(21)Possession of Unauthorized Weapons or Firearms: The possession or use of any type of weapon on Biola's campus is prohibited. Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, ammunition, air guns, spear guns, blowguns, airsoft guns, paint pellet guns, martial arts weapons, bows and arrows, crossbows, swords, knives, batons, clubs, TASERS, stun guns, and explosives of any type. Anyone found in possession of any unauthorized weapon on campus may be subject to disciplinary or criminal proceedings.
(22)Possession or Under the Influence of Narcotics: No person shall possess any controlled substance as defined in Section 113550 of the Health and Safety Code. (Felony) (See also Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.)
(23)Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: No person shall be in possession of narcotic paraphernalia as defined in Sections 11364 and 11364.5 of the California Health and Safety Code. (Misdemeanor / Felony)
(24)Possession or Under the Influence of Alcohol: No person shall be in possession of alcohol as defined in Section 23004 of the California Alcoholic Beverage and Control Code, nor shall any person be under the influence of alcohol.
(79)Miscellaneous Violation – Fine based on nature of violation: This code is utilized for violations not codified in the Campus Safety Code.
(81)Duplicating a University Key: No unauthorized person shall duplicate any Biola University key.

Safety Violation Appeals

  • Citation appeals are to be made in writing within 7 business days of the violation and delivered in person or by mail to the Campus Safety office. Citations not appealed within 7 days will be billed to the student's account. NOTE: Approval to deviate from the established 7 day appeal period may be granted. However, citations can only be appealed within the academic year that they are issued. An academic year includes fall, interterm, spring, and summer.
  • Service fees may not be appealed.
  • An appeal may be denied if it does not include the name, ID number, box number or department, explanation, signature, and date.
  • Results of the appeal will be mailed to campus boxes from Campus Safety within 10–15 business days of making the appeal.
  • Ignorance of the regulations is not a valid excuse for violations. Bad weather, lack of space, or arriving later or after dark is not a valid excuse. It is the individual's responsibility to allow sufficient time to walk to or from classes or work. University students and employees should consider using the Campus Safety escort service if they feel their safety is threatened.
  • Anyone dissatisfied with a decision may make an appointment with the Chief of Campus Safety by contacting the Campus Safety Office at ext. 4877. Appeals must be made in writing before an appointment is given. The Chief or his designee may grant or sustain citation appeals from faculty, staff, and students. If an appeal meeting is made and the individual fails to show, it can result in an automatic denial.