Meal Plan Options & Rates

Students grabbing food at the Cafe

Biola offers a variety of options for the students living on or off campus. All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase either a traditional or flex meal plan, with a minimum of 10 meals per week. Students living in the Biola apartments or off campus may purchase a meal plan or commuter plan.

Review the meal plan contract.

Meal plans Rates for 2011/2012 academic year

  • 20 flex: $2120/semester with $125 flex
  • 15 flex: $2005/semester with $125 flex
  • 12 flex: $1900/semester with $125 flex
  • 10 flex: $1590/semester with $125 flex
  • 10 meals per week: $1480/semester – no flex
  • Block plan 175: $1855/semester (with $125 flex/semester)
  • 5 flex plan: $655/semester (with $50 flex/semester)
  • Block plan 40: $470/semester (with $50 flex/semester)

Meal plans Rates for Interterm and Summer 2012

These amounts are calculated by a daily rate. Multiply the number of days you plan to eat by the daily rate attached to the meal plan you choose.

  • 5 meal plan = $4.71/day
  • 10 meal plan = $8.65/day
  • 12 meal plan = $9.11/day
  • 15 meal plan = $9.75/day
  • 20 meal plan = $10.53/day
  • example = 10 meal plan $8.65 X 10 days = $86.50

Sign up for a 2012 Summer Meal Plan here

The 10, 12, 15 and 20 are the number of meals available per week, to be eaten only in Café Biola.

When you chose a flex meal plan, that plan comes with additional dollars that can be used in the Eagles’ Nest, Common Grounds, the Coffee Cart, the Talon Grab 'n Go or to take guests to dine with you or for additional meals in Café Biola. Any unused flex dollars carry over from fall to spring if the student remains on a flex meal plan, but not to the following academic year. If a student leaves at the end of fall and does not return, unused meal plan flex dollars are not refunded. All unused meal plan flex dollars are deleted at the end of May and are not refundable. Flex dollars cannot be shared from one student to another. Meal plans are nontransferable. Flex dollars are not to be used for buying in bulk.

If students run out of meal plan flex dollars, or if they are not on a meal plan, they can purchase Student Dollars. These dollars can be used at any of the Biola dining locations and will give you a 10% discount off of menu price. Student Dollars do not expire and will roll over from year to year as long as you are a current student. Student Dollars can be purchased online by logging in to My Housing on the website or at any of the food service cash registers. Purchases processed online will be billed to the student account, while purchases at the cash registers must be made with cash, check, or credit card.

Commuter students and students living in the Biola apartments may purchase any of the meal plans, a 5 flex plan or a 40 Block Plan (any 40 meals per semester with $50 flex), or opt to purchase only Student Dollars.

If you have questions call
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Auxiliary Services
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