9. Safety and Security

Keys/Key Cards

  • You will be issued a key for your residence hall room or apartment. Apartment keys may also open security gates and/or laundry rooms as appropriate. No one other than the resident of a given room or apartment will be issued keys to that residence hall room or apartment.
  • Keys or ID/access cards are never to be loaned to another individual. Doing so may result in a Campus Safety citation.
  • Thefts do occur at Biola. Therefore, you are responsible for making sure that your room or apartment is locked each time you are away.
  • Keys will be collected at the end of Fall semester. Students who do not turn in their keys at this time will be charged a minimum of $55.00 to have their room re-keyed. Keys will be reissued on the respective re-opening dates (see IMPORTANT DATES) to students who have signed up for Interterm housing or to students returning for the Spring semester.

Lost/Stolen/Broken Keys

  • Contact the Housing Office if your key is lost or stolen. Lost or unreturned keys will result in a minimum charge of $55.00 for re-keying.
  • Broken keys can be reordered for a minimal charge. Defective keys will be replaced at no charge. Contact the Housing Office to order a new key.

Locked out of your room?

  • If you are locked out of your room or apartment, for a small fee ($1.00) the Residence Life staff may assist you in gaining access to your room or apartment between 9:00 a.m. and midnight. From midnight to 9:00 a.m., or if no Residence Life staff member is available, contact Campus Safety by calling the switchboard (562-903-6000). Campus Safety assesses a fifteen dollar ($15.00) charge (billed to your student account) if an officer must assist you in gaining access to your room or apartment.
  • If you continually need to be let into your room, Residence Life staff may increase the fee incrementally along with the clear communication of future expectations.

Entry/ID Cards

Biola University has taken steps to heighten the security of the residence halls and on-campus apartments by installing the card access system. Report problems with building card readers or ID card issues to Carolyn White during business hours at ext. 5810, or in the Student Services Building or to Campus Safety dispatch (562-903-6000) after hours and on weekends.

Your University ID Card

  • The Biola University ID Card is your official photo ID for all University access purposes: identification, check cashing, building entry, meal entry, Flex and Commuter dollar use, chapel attendance, borrowing library materials. Valid ID cards must be shown on request to any authorized Biola faculty or staff member.
  • The Biola University ID Card is the property of the University and is loaned to you while you are enrolled. Once you leave the University for any reason the ID Card is to be turned over to the University. Students are required to have the Biola University ID Card with them at all times while on campus.

Do Not Deface Your ID Card

  • Do not put photos, stickers or other decorations on your ID card or it will be considered invalid. If your card is deemed invalid by any department on campus you will need to have a new ID card made at your own expense.

Authorized Entry:

Don’t prop doors open

  • Building security is compromised and unauthorized individuals may be allowed to enter the buildings when the doors are propped open or when first-floor windows are left open while you are away from your room. Propping a door can result in a Campus Safety citation and/or Residence Life fine.
  • Do not leave your room key outside the door, tape door latches open, leave room/apartment doors unlocked or prop room/apartment doors open (except during supervised Open House hours; see Open House).
  • Forced entry into any building or room on campus will result in immediate disciplinary action and may result in criminal prosecution.

Don’t let people without ID cards into any building

  • Everyone who is authorized to enter any residence hall or apartment building will be issued an access card. Therefore, it is not necessary for anyone to request another to admit him/her into any building.

Night time resident-only access

  • Most residence hall and on-campus apartment entrances are locked 24 hours and are only accessible by the use of your ID/Access card. Between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. only residents of a particular building have access to that building. If you lose your card or it becomes inoperable, go immediately to Auxiliary Services in the Student Services Building. There is a fee for replacement of lost ID cards. Defective cards are replaced at no charge.

No soliciting

  • No solicitation of any kind is allowed in the residence halls or apartments. If you see solicitors or anyone of a suspicious nature in or around the buildings, please contact Campus Safety immediately by calling 562-903-6000 and inform the University operator.

Entry by Biola personnel:

The University reserves the right to enter rooms or apartments under the following guidelines:

  • Emergency where there is a clear and imminent threat to the well-being of students or the University's personnel or property.
  • Health and safety inspections to be conducted under University guidelines.
  • Suspected violation of rules/regulations/ordinances
    • Entry may be made to enforce University rules, regulations and policies.
    • In case of suspected violation of University rules or regulations or federal, state, or local laws, ordinances, etc., premises occupied by students and the possessions of students may be subject to search by University personnel upon a good faith determination by the Dean of Students, the Chief of Campus Safety, or their designee that such a violation may have occurred. Certain circumstances may require the Chief of Campus Safety, or his designee, alone to authorize the search of a student’s room. An attempt will be made to have the student present during the search.
  • Showing vacancies
    • If there is a vacancy in a room or apartment, even if the unit is partially occupied, the University reserves the right to enter at any reasonable time to show vacant spaces to a prospective resident. Where practical, you will be given notice at least 24 hours in advance.

La Mirada Creek

  • The La Mirada Creek catch basin will flood during heavy rain. Due to the risk of injury or disease, rafting, swimming or floating in the creek are prohibited and can result in a citation from Campus Safety or Los Angeles County officials.

Roofs & Ledges

  • Roofs and ledges are not to be used for any purpose.
  • Throwing or dropping items (including water balloons) from windows, balconies, decks or doorways is a safety hazard and will result in disciplinary action.

Personal Property

  • The University assumes no responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged student property. We strongly recommend that students investigate companies which provide student personal property insurance coverage, or have their possessions covered under their parents’ homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Keep doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Report all thefts to your Residence Life staff and file an incident report with Campus Safety.

Window Screens

  • For security reasons, window screens must be kept in place at all times.
  • Screens damaged or lost will be replaced or repaired at cost ($50 per screen) to the room or apartment residents.
  • Using a window for unauthorized room access will result in a $25.00 fine.


  • It is a felony under California Penal Code section 626.9 to possess firearms on any campus property.
  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted on any campus property. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms, airguns, blowguns, paintball guns, bows of any kind, tasers or stun guns, batons, clubs, folding knives with locking blades and fixed knives with blades longer than 2.5" (food preparation knives in work related applications exempted). The California Penal Code section 626.10 subsections (a) and (b) stipulate some of the aforementioned as being in violation of law.
  • No student shall possess or discharge BB guns or pellet guns (including paint pellet guns) on any campus property.


  • Possession or use of firecrackers or other fireworks is prohibited on any campus property.
  • The use of Fireworks is illegal in the city of La Mirada.
  • Individuals who use or have firecrackers or fireworks in their possession may be subject to a one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine and further disciplinary action.

Fire Safety

  • All fire protection equipment has been installed to protect life and property.
  • Tampering with fire equipment in any way is considered a misdemeanor according to the Los Angeles County Fire Code, County Ord. 2947 and California Penal Code section 148.4. This includes:
    1. any fire equipment on a door , e.g. automatic door closers (Sec. 10.104e);
    2. any other fire protection equipment, e.g. fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms (Sec. 13.201);
    3. or removing fire equipment, e.g. batteries from smoke detectors, fire extinguishers from walls (Sec. 13.202).
  • If you are found guilty of a misdemeanor (breaking any section of the ordinance) you are liable for a fine and/or a one year jail sentence.
  • Initial breaking of the fire code at Biola may not necessarily lead to your being formally charged, but it will involve a fine. This includes:
    1. removing/tampering with automatic door closers;
    2. pulling a fire alarm on false pretenses;
    3. removing or tampering with fire extinguishers;
    4. propping open fire exit doors.
  • The pulling of a fire alarm under false pretenses carries an automatic fine from Campus Safety.
  • In addition to fines and jail terms applicable to misdemeanors (see above), tampering with smoke and/or heat detectors will involve a fine per incident plus the cost of any replacement parts that may be necessary. Persons found guilty of such tampering may be apprehended and prosecuted according to Los Angeles County Fire Code County Ord. 2947 and California Penal Code section 148.4.
  • Replacements for the smoke/heat detection system will be a minimum of $150 each for any damaged or missing room smoke detector, hallway/common area smoke detector or heat detector (in restrooms, laundry rooms, boiler rooms).
  • Failure to evacuate the building in the event of an alarm will involve a fine as well as other possible disciplinary action.
  • No decorations may be hung within 1 foot of the ceiling. No decorations may be placed on any fire doors. No decorations may be placed within 3 feet of all four sides of a fire extinguisher or fire alarm pull station.
  • Due to fire hazards and safety regulations, burning of candles and/or incense is not permitted.
  • Due to fire regulations all stairwells, walkways, hallways and balcony walks such as at the Stewart Suites must remain clear of furnishings, trash and personal belongings once residents have completely moved in.

Missing Students

  • Students may access https://my.biola.edu at any time to update their emergency contact info and designate an individual or individuals to be contacted by the University no more than 24 hours after the time that the student is determined to be missing in accordance with the University’s Missing Student Policy. A designation will remain in effect until changed or revoked by the student. This information will be maintained confidentially and will be accessible only to authorized University Officials, and will not be disclosed except to law enforcement personnel as necessary for a missing student investigation or the investigation of a crime.
  • In the event a student who is under the age of 18 and is not legally emancipated is determined to be missing pursuant to the procedures set forth in with the University’s Missing Student Policy, the University is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian, in addition to the student’s designated contact, no more than 24 hours after the student is determined to be missing.
  • Refer to the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for the Missing Student Policy.

Emergency Notifications

  • Students and employees may access https://my.biola.edu at any time to update their personal emergency notification info and designate a personal cell phone number to receive voice or text messages sent by Biola University’s emergency notification system. A designation will remain in effect until changed or revoked by the student or employee. This information will be maintained confidentially and will be accessible only to authorized University officials, and will not be disclosed except to law enforcement personnel as necessary during an emergency or the investigation of a crime.
  • Refer to the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for the Emergency Response and Evacuation Policy.

Vehicle and Parking Facts

  • The Biola University campus is posted as follows:
    • Thank you for observing our no smoking policy.
    • Speed limit 15 MPH.
    • Campus is private property not open to the public.
    • Trespassing is forbidden. Enter by permit only.
    • Permission to enter revocable at any time (CPC602).
    • Parking by permit only. Unauthorized vehicles
    • may be cited and towed at owner’s expense (CVC 22658).
    • (562) 863-8711 L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.
    • (562) 868-1595 Vernola’s Towing
  • Permits are required for vehicles immediately upon arrival on campus. Unregistered vehicles are subject to a check with the California DMV and owners will be responsible for all costs incurred. You may register your vehicle with the Campus Safety Administrative Office during business hours, at either gatehouse when they are staffed, or at the Metzger Hall Communications Center (staffed 24/7 every day of the year).
  • California law requires that every owner and driver of a motor vehicle in the state maintain financial responsibility through liability insurance coverage. Anyone who registers a vehicle or drives on Biola property must meet this requirement.
  • Motorcycles and other motorized vehicles are subject to the same rules and regulations as automobiles. Motorcycles must display a parking permit and may park in any student motorcycle spot, or student vehicle spot.
  • Biola University does not assume responsibility for any damage to a vehicle due to theft, vandalism, flood, fire or accident.
  • The University reserves the right to close any campus parking area when it is necessary for maintenance, safety or to meet special needs. When possible, notices will be posted indicating the closure.
  • Parking permits are required at all times for vehicles parked on Biola property, but do not guarantee or reserve a place to park. Parking privileges may be suspended or revoked at any time at the discretion of the Chief of Campus Safety.
  • Parking at Biola-owned off-campus apartments is by permit only. These permits are issued at no charge. Off-campus permits are not valid for on-campus parking.
  • If a parking permit is lost, it must be reported before a new permit will be issued. A replacement fee will be assessed. Recovered permits must be returned to the Campus Safety Administrative Office.
  • Vehicles may not be stored on campus property without prior written approval from Campus Safety. Current students or staff members who wish to store a vehicle on campus for a period of time or during summer, interterm or holiday breaks must sign a release of liability form and leave a set of keys with Campus Safety so that the vehicle may be moved if Facilities Services projects or emergencies require it. Failure to obtain permission will result in fine(s) and/or towing of the vehicle from Biola property. Inoperable vehicles may not be stored on campus.
  • Any vehicle that is left on Biola property longer than 72 hours without a valid permit and/or prior approval to park will be considered abandoned and may be removed from campus at the owner’s expense.
  • No person shall park or store a trailer in any parking lot or parking structure on campus except for the purpose of loading and unloading unless approved by the Chief of Campus Safety. Departmental trailers must be registered with Campus Safety and display a current Biola parking permit.
  • As a safety and security precaution, vehicles may not be covered by tarps or covers at any time.
  • Auto work of any kind is not permitted on campus.
  • Officers and Cadets conduct parking enforcement on campus property and issue citations. These citations may be issued in person or delivered to the involved party via campus mail. A complete fine schedule is available on the Campus Safety website.
  • Citation appeals are to be made in writing within 7 business days of the violation. Approval to deviate from the established 7 day appeal period may be granted, but citations can only be appealed within the academic year in which they are issued. An academic year includes fall, interterm, spring and summer terms. Ignorance of the regulations is not a valid excuse for violations.
  • Citation fees are not written on the citation, but are available online. Fees are determined by violation type and can be found on the Campus Safety website: www.biola.edu/admin/campus_safety.
  • When selling a vehicle, the original owner must notify Campus Safety Administrative Office within 5 working days. Citations received are the responsibility of the owner. If a vehicle is cited while under operation of a person other than the owner the driver of the vehicle will be held responsible.
  • Curbs are stenciled to designate parking restrictions when they are present.
    • Faculty/Staff –“Faculty/Staff Only” stenciled on gray curb or wheel stop. Vehicles must display a faculty/staff permit to park in spaces designated “Faculty/Staff Only” from 7:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.
    • Visitor Parking –“Visitor” stenciled on gray curb or wheel stop. Vehicles must display a visitor permit to park in spaces designated “Visitor” from 7:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.
    • Green Curb – Temporary parking. Time limit is 30 minutes unless otherwise specified by sign or curb stenciling.
    • White Curb – Passenger loading/unloading only. Time limit is 5 minutes. Vehicle may not be left unattended.
    • Yellow Curb – Passenger or equipment loading/unloading only. Time limit is 20 minutes. Vehicle may not be left unattended.
    • Red Curb – Emergency vehicles only. No parking or stopping at any time. Red curbs are not for loading/unloading vehicles.
    • Plain Curb – Open parking (any Biola permit).
    • Note: Consult lot designations and restrictions, below and/or posted signs.
  • The following is a listing of parking lot designations and restrictions. Restrictions are enforced 7:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. “Open” indicates that spaces are available for any vehicle displaying a valid Biola permit. “Staff” and “Visitor” indicates that some spaces in the lot are restricted.
    • Lot A Open Parking & Staff Parking
    • Lot B Open Parking & Staff Parking
    • Lot C Open Parking & Staff Parking
    • Lot D Visitor Parking & Staff Parking Only
    • Lot E Open Parking
    • Lot F Staff Parking Only
    • Lot G Open Parking
    • Lot H Open Parking & Staff Parking
    • Lot I Open Parking
    • Lot J Open Parking & Staff Parking
    • Lot K Open Parking
    • Lot L Open Parking
    • Lot M Open Parking
    • Lot N Open Parking
    • Lot O Staff Parking Only
    • Lot P Open Parking
    • Lot R Open Parking & Staff Parking
    • Lot S Open Parking


  • All bicycles must be registered with Campus Safety. Registration is free.
  • Bicycles may not be ridden in or around the residence halls, on-campus apartments, inner campus, on any sidewalk on campus or in any area marked with the “no bike” symbol.
  • Bikes may be parked in students' rooms and apartments or in the bike racks provided around the buildings only.
  • Bikes are not to be parked in hallways, lobbies, decks, courtyards, restrooms, laundry rooms, stairwells or any housing common areas.
  • Bicycles left on University property at the end of the school year will be considered abandoned by the owners and will be disposed of by Campus Safety according to law.


  • Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are not to be parked or ridden on lawns, on sidewalks or within the residence halls or apartment buildings. The sidewalks should be kept clear at all times.
  • Motorcycles are to be parked in regular car parking slots or other areas designated for motorcycle parking.
  • Mopeds and scooters should be parked in the bike racks provided around the buildings. Check with your Residence Life staff for the designated bicycle parking areas.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters may not be stored inside any building at any time.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters must be registered with Campus Safety. This may be done during semester registration, or at the Campus Safety Office. A valid parking sticker must be visible on the vehicle.

Skateboards/Roller-Skates/In-Line Skates

  • Skateboards (including long boards), roller-skates, in-line skates (i.e. Rollerblades) or any other skating device are not to be used anywhere on the University property due to the requirements of University liability insurance. Use of these skating devices on campus will result in a $25.00 fine and/or other disciplinary action.

Off-Campus Apartments Parking

  • Biola students will not park in front of any home within the immediate vicinity of the Lido Mirada, Beachcomber, Tradewind, Tropicana and Graduate/Married apartments.
  • Residents of the Lido Mirada, Beachcomber, Tradewind, Tropicana and Graduate/Married apartments are required to register their vehicles with Campus Safety and display a base permit on their vehicles. Residents who desire to park on campus must also purchase a current validation sticker for $120 per semester.
  • Off-campus apartment residents should be aware of posted street sweeping days in the neighborhood. Parking is not allowed on the street on posted street sweeping days. Cars left on the street during the posted days/times will be ticketed.
  • Gate openers for the Tropicana Apartments parking area are provided for residents and assigned by the Resident Coordinator. Replacement parking gate openers - whether lost, broken or stolen - will cost a minimum of $100.00 each. Replacement batteries are provided by Facilities Services.
  • Gate openers for the Graduate/Married Apartments at 14509 Rosecrans are assigned by the on-site manager. Replacement parking gate openers - whether lost, broken or stolen - will be provided at the current replacement cost. Replacement batteries are the responsibility of the residents.
  • For more information on parking rules and regulations please visit the Campus Safety Handbook.