2. Rates & Security Deposit

Single Graduate Student Housing, 2012/2013

Furnished housing is provided in houses owned by Biola and in apartment units leased by Biola from local complexes within walking distance of campus. These houses and two-bedroom apartments are furnished with major kitchen appliances (refrigerator and stove/oven), residence-hall style bedroom furniture, couch, dinette set and vacuum cleaner. Residents pay a per-person monthly rate, based on the number of occupants per bedroom. The rate includes utilities except for telephone and internet service.

Furnished housing, per-person monthly rate, two persons per bedroom $504/person/month

Furnished housing, per-person monthly rate, one person per bedroom $636/person/month

Married Graduate/Undergraduate Housing, 2012/2013

Biola University owns three apartment complexes on Rosecrans Avenue, within walking distance of campus. The complexes are made up of one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. These apartments are unfurnished; stoves/ovens and refrigerators are provided. The monthly housing fee is per apartment unit; residents pay for their own utilities (except for water and trash) and telephone service.

Small 1-bdrm, 1-bathroom unfurnished unit, per-apartment monthly rate (only 1 such unit) $830/month

1-bdrm, 1-bathroom unfurnished unit, per-apartment monthly rate $912/month

2-bdrm, 1-bathroom unfurnished unit, per-apartment monthly rate $1,106/month

2-bdrm, 2-bathroom unfurnished unit, per-apartment monthly rate $1,163/month

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit of $200 is required of all residents prior to signing a Housing Contract. Students who have previously paid a $100 Housing Reservation Deposit to reserve space in undergraduate residence hall housing may apply the Housing Reservation Deposit toward the apartment Security Deposit.

A refund of the Security Deposit, less the cost of damages in excess of normal wear-and-tear, will be made if the Housing Contract is canceled properly according to the guidelines in the Contract Cancellation section of this Handbook, or if you graduate from Biola University.

Housing Fee Payment Options

Housing fees are due on the first calendar day of each month. A $25 late fee is due beginning the fourth day of the month. Fees can be paid by check, cash (exact amount), money order, or by credit card (Visa, Master Card or Discover). Students with credit balances on their student accounts may use the credit to cover housing payments; forms for this purpose are available at the Student Services Building front desk and must be completed by the rent due date to avoid late fees.

Students who will have more financial aid than is needed for tuition may use some of their aid to make rent payments. Federal Title IV legislation requires Biola to refund excess aid within 10 business days, so to use aid for rent students will need to do one of two things:

EITHER request a refund from the Accounting Office and then deposit those funds in a bank and use them to pay rent;

OR alter their Title IV authorization to keep the funds as a credit on their account (my.Biola.edu >Student Financials tab > Title IV Authorization). Students who select this second option must bring a printed copy of their my.Biola account balance that shows a credit to the Student Services Building front desk and complete a Transfer of Funds form so that we are authorized to utilize the aid credit forrent.

In either case, students who plan to use financial aid funds for rent will need to NOTIFY GRADUATE/MARRIED HOUSING IN ADVANCE to avoid late fees for the month.

Housing fees may be paid at the Auxiliary Services office in the Student Services Building. Residents of 14339, 14345, 14353, 14357 or 14509 Rosecrans may also make cash or check payments to their complex manager. No credit card or account transfer payments may be made to apartment managers.

For Meal Plan Rates see section 7. Meal Plans.