5. Possessions & Conduct

Standards of Conduct

Biola University has long recognized a value in maintaining certain behavioral standards that contribute to the atmosphere of the Biola community, foster fellowship with a wide range of Christians, and, in many instances, assist in strengthening our Christian testimony to our local community. In this light, Biola University asks all students, residents, and employees to be supportive of its behavioral standards.

Biola expects its students to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, and from gambling and on-campus dancing. Further, Biola, though appreciating the rich contribution of the arts to mankind, deplores morally degrading elements wherever they are found in the theater, the entertainment media and literature. Biola University students are expected to abstain from all such aspects that morally degrade. Biola University, Inc. does not presume to be a censoring agency for all activities; it does, however, expect tangible evidence of maturing Christian convictions and discerning judgment.

Violations of any standard of conduct may be cause for graduate housing contract termination. Assessment of any given situation will be made by the Senior Director of Auxiliary Services and the Dean of the appropriate graduate school(s).

Roommate Conflicts

  • It is expected that students of Biola University will exercise integrity, kindness, compassion and tolerance in their interpersonal relationships. Conflicts between students sharing single graduate housing and graduate/undergraduate married housing are expected to be resolved among the students themselves.
  • Residents who require assistance with conflict resolution should contact the Director of Auxiliary Services for advice and assistance.
  • It is not usual for Auxiliary Services to release students from their Housing Contracts for reasons of interpersonal conflicts. Auxiliary Services will work with individual residents to make changes of housing assignments if the process described above is not successful.

Housing Personalization

No housing may be redecorated or painted without the prior written consent of the University.


  • Do not remove furnishings from furnished graduate housing. Requests for furnishing replacement or repair should be directed to the Residential Facilities Office in Auxiliary Services, extension 5812.
  • Charges for replacing missing furnishings will be billed to the individual(s) to whom that equipment is assigned.
  • Water beds and other water-filled furniture are prohibited.
  • Absolutely no halogen floor lamps are permitted in any University-owned or -managed housing due to risk of fire.
  • University furniture may be rearranged as long as the structure of the house or apartment and all permanent features remain unchanged.


  • Personal lofts and similar bed-replacement structures are not allowed in any University housing.


  • Only small finishing nails, "Poster Putty" or “Gripping Stuff for Notices” may be used to apply decoration to walls and other surfaces.
  • All decorations should be in harmony with the philosophy of the University. Items which are distasteful, offensive or vulgar are inappropriate and should not be displayed.

Christmas Decorations

  • Because of state and county fire codes, only Christmas trees which have been fireproofed are allowed in University housing. Christmas trees must be purchased from a vendor who can treat and tag the tree and issue a fireproof certificate. Using a can of fire retardant spray will not meet the fire code. The vendor's tag must remain on the tree and the certificate must be presented to Facilities Services before the tree is taken into any building.
  • Artificial trees must also be made of fire resistant material.
  • No "spray snow" is to be used on any surface as it is extremely difficult to remove. Instead, prepare a paste of laundry or soap powder and apply it to windows with a sponge.
  • Christmas light electrical cords may not extend through any doorway, ceiling panel or window, across any hallway or other traffic area, or be placed under any carpet or rug. Indoor lights may be used, but not with extension cords. Outdoor lights may not be used indoors. No lights may be hung near water sources.


  • No University appliance may be dismantled, stored or removed from graduate housing.
  • Do not install air conditioning units that sit in a window frame.
  • Because of a strict electrical code set by the State of California, none of the electrical switches, plugs, or fixtures may be altered. This means that no switches can be temporarily installed and no fixtures (including ceiling fans) may be altered or installed.
  • Vacuum cleaners are provided in furnished single student graduate housing. Vacuum cleaners needing repair should be brought to Auxiliary Services in the Student Services Building. Additional vacuum bags, if needed, may be obtained from Auxiliary Services.

Illegal Items

  • Illegal drugs and related paraphernalia are strictly prohibited on University-owned or -managed property.
  • The use, possession, or distribution or in any way assisting anyone to use, possess, or distribute any dangerous non-prescribed and/or illegal drugs or narcotics by anyone associated with the University community is prohibited.
  • All weapons are prohibited from campus property at all times. See “Firearms/ Weapons” policy below.
  • Substances so prohibited will be confiscated and appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action will be taken.

Prohibited Items

Items described below are not permitted in single graduate housing or graduate/undergraduate married housing, for residents or for their guests. Prohibited possessions may be confiscated and disposed of by the University in accordance with federal, state and local laws and established University procedure. Failure to comply may result in removal from University housing, student discipline and/or appropriate legal action.

  • Absolutely no halogen floor lamps are permitted in any University-owned or -managed housing due to risk of fire.
  • Water beds and other water-filled furniture are prohibited.
  • Personal lofts and similar bed-replacement structures are not allowed in any University housing.
  • Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages or their containers are strictly prohibited on University property and in off-campus University-managed housing.
  • The use or storage of hazardous or toxic chemicals, substances or materials in University-owned facilities is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: motor oil, gasoline, tires and other flammable automotive products, and photographic development chemicals.

"Raids" and Hazing

  • "Raids" of any kind are prohibited because of the potential for damage and/or disturbance.
  • Biola University supports and enforces Federal and California state law which prohibits hazing. For additional details and information please see the Student Handbook.


  • Respect and consideration for other residents necessitates that excessive noise not be tolerated. Mutual respect and regard for others are to govern acceptable levels of noise at all times. In the interest of maintaining an environment appropriate to study, residents responsible for excessive noise and/or disruptive behavior may be removed from University-owned or -managed housing. Residents may be asked to remove stereos or instruments from the house or apartment.
  • Noise is an issue for the community surrounding the Biola campus as well. La Mirada has a city ordinance requiring quiet after the hour of 10:00 p.m. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will issue citations to offenders of this ordinance. In order for us to be good neighbors, it is important that all residents support this ordinance by keeping quiet after 10:00 p.m.

Dissent & Disruption

  • In certain circumstances, when a student’s presence or conduct may cause a disruption of the educational process or be considered a threat to individuals, to the community or to University property, the University reserves the right to remove a student from University housing temporarily or permanently, and to restrict a student’s access to campus.
  • Students have a right to ask questions, seek information and assistance or to express dissent, but this right must be exercised in a manner consistent with the Standards of Conduct. It must not be practiced in a way that violates the rights of others or the educational mission of the University.

Sports In The Buildings

  • Because of the great potential for damage and disturbance, the playing of any and all sports in the common areas or interiors of houses or apartments is prohibited.
  • Shaving cream, water fights or other similar activities are not to take place in or around the houses or apartments. Any damages resulting from such activities will be charged to those involved. Unreported damages by those responsible will be automatically and equally charged to the occupants of the housing assignment involved. Disciplinary action may also result.


  • No pets are allowed in single graduate or graduate/undergraduate married housing.