4. Care of the Facilities

Residents’ Responsibilities

  • Residents are expected to maintain the assigned premises in good condition and repair. Upon termination of the Housing Contract, residents shall surrender the premises in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear and acts of nature are excepted.


  • Cleaning of houses and apartments is the responsibility of the residents. Residents of furnished single graduate housing are provided a vacuum cleaner by Auxiliary Services, but are expected to provide all other cleaning supplies.

Ranch Apartments Patios

  • Apartments at The Ranch complex have private patio areas. It is the responsibility of apartment residents to keep these areas clean and free of weeds and to maintain any plants or furnishings they place in the patios.

Rosecrans Apartments Outdoor Areas

  • Due to fire code and in the interest of keeping up the appearance of the complex upstairs walkways and walkway areas in front of downstairs apartments must be kept clear of all personal belongings with the exception of welcome mats.
  • Nothing should be hung on or over the railings except small wind chimes or bird feeders.
  • At 14339 and 14345 Rosecrans, please feel free to use personal barbecue grills in the patio area outside the pool gate. Please keep lighted grills away from walls and wood work. At 14339 and 14345 cooled grills may be stored along the walls behind the mail boxes to keep them out of traffic areas.
  • Grills, barbecues, hibachis or other outdoor cooking apparatus should not be stored in apartments, laundry rooms or garages, or on upstairs walkways.
  • Bicycles may be locked in the bike racks between the 14345 and 14353 carports. Bicycles may also be stored in the carports and garages. Bicycles should not be locked to the 14339, 14345, 14509 pool fences or stored in any of the laundry rooms or under any stairs.
  • Other than bicycles (above), no personal items may be stored in the carports.

Maintenance & Pests

Report maintenance needs or insect and rodent problems to the appropriate office:

  • Residents of the houses or Rosecrans Apartments should contact Facilities Services at 562-903-4898 for maintenance needs.
  • Residents of the houses or Rosecrans Apartments should contact Residential Facilities at 562-944-0351 ext. 5811 for pest control needs.
  • Residents of The Ranch Apartments should contact the on-site management office for all maintenance or pest control needs. The manager’s name and office location is provided in the “Emergency & Maintenance Contact Information” section.


  • Residents are to be responsible for the area in which they live.

Report damage immediately

  • Report damage immediately to the Graduate Housing Office in Auxiliary Services, 562-944-0351, extension 5814. Timely reporting could decrease the cost of repair and could lessen the overall impact of the damage. Fees for repair of damage caused by residents will be charged to the resident’s school bill.

Shared responsibility

  • If the individual responsible for damage, loss or defacement cannot be determined, the relevant costs may be equally assessed to the residents of the house or apartment.