Talbot East

Talbot East

9/29/11 Update

With only two weeks before building dedication, there is lots of activity on site. Carpet is being installed on the second floor and furniture will begin arriving on Friday, Sept 30. We will be asking for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy on October 7, and then the first faculty and staff will move into the building on October 10. The two scripture windows have been installed, and the south face of the building is nearly complete. Next week, the sun shades visible on the computer rendering will be installed. Today, the first major concrete pour at the plaza was complete, and the balance will be poured early next week.

Several important aspects of the building will remain unfinished at the day of dedication, but the building will be open for tours and the first wave of faculty and staff will be in the building.

Dedication is scheduled for Friday, October 14th, at 9:30 a.m.

Recent photo of construction for Talbot East

8/16/11 Update

The building is moving rapidly toward the target of beginning occupancy in October. Inside the building, most of the drywall is in place. On the outside most of the brick has been installed on the north and east faces of the building, and the silvery panels that clad the second and third floor are underway. Window installation is well underway as well. A dedication of the building is planned for 9:30 a.m. on Friday, October 14.

The photo refreshes automatically every 60 seconds from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

5/12/11 Update

Framing for the Second Floor is nearing completion. The Third Floor slab is scheduled to be poured late in May. After this is complete, framing will begin on the Third Floor. Currently the building is scheduled for completion on October 1st, 2011.

Crew Worker Bio

Here at Facilities Planning we are proud to announce a new series that we will be doing. The series focuses on getting to know the members of our Talbot building construction team. This site will now feature short interest pieces about some of the people working to make the new Talbot School of Theology Building a reality. The first man in our series is Mr. Rod McIsaac.

Rod McIsaac

Rod McIsaac is the Project Manager for Millie and Severson, which is the general contractor working on the Talbot building project. As the Project Manager, McIsaac oversees the selection of the sub-contractors and administers their contracts. In addition, he manages the scheduling as well as the staffing for the project and is the main contact person between Millie and Severson and the Biola staff. Working with Millie and Severson for twenty-five years now, McIsaac is putting his degree in Construction Management from Long Beach State to good use, largely focusing on institutional and commercial buildings. His favorite project so far is the Assisted Living Center that Millie and Severson built in the Woodland Hills area for the Motion Picture and Television Fund. He also has greatly enjoyed working on Horton Hall and the cafeteria expansion here at Biola.

Though the Talbot project is one of the most architecturally complicated projects that McIsaac has worked on, he is excited about the opportunity to overcome the challenges. Working with a talented team to help tackle these challenges is one of his favorite parts of the project. He especially enjoys working with members of the Biola staff.

Doing a job to Biola’s standards is what makes the Talbot project special for him. Being a key player in the creation of a new building worthy of housing Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, Rod McIsaac is becoming a valuable part of the Biola community. McIsaac finds fulfillment in completing a project to the satisfaction of Biola

Rod McIsaac is also a family man. He has two daughters, eighteen and twenty-one, and a wife whom he has been married to for twenty-two years. If you happen to see Mr. McIsaac walking around Biola, say hi, ask him what is new with the project or how is family is doing. Welcome him into the Biola community.

4/21/11 Update

For the first time, we can see exactly where the roofline of the building will be. All the concrete structure of the two lower levels is complete, and now the main framework of steel for the second and third floors is in place. Framing for individual offices on the second floor will begin soon. Building dedication is being planned for mid-October.

3/1/11 Update

Work is underway to pour the second floor slab. The slab should be poured during the week of 3/14. The sidewalk along the west end of Rose Hall should be poured by 3/23. Project completion is targeted for late September.

1/25/2011 Update

Good weather has allowed us to make substantial progress this month. The slab for the plaza level was poured in late December, and the next floor slab is scheduled to be poured this Friday, January 28. The sidewalk along the edge of the Sycamore Lawn should be back in service next week, and the new, permanent wheelchair access ramp to Calvary Chapel should be open before mib-February, which will allow us to remove the temporary ramp at the entrance to Calvary Chapel. The full width sidewalk that will run along the west end of Rose Hall should be in place before the end of February. Project completion is expected in mid-September.

12/20/2010 Update

All walls and columns for the lower level (Plaza Level) of the building are complete. Much of the work for the floor slab is complete, but three days of dry weather are needed to complete preparation and pour the slab. It appears that the pour will likely happen no sooner than December 28

12/8/10 Update

All of the building’s lower level walls will be complete by Friday, December 10, and the lower level floor slab will be finished before Christmas. The sidewalk on the west end of Rose Hall, which has been closed for construction, will be available for use at the start of the spring semester. Project completion is currently targeted for September 14, 2011.

11/29/2010 Update

The building’s footings have been completed, and foundation work continues in the plaza area. The west and north exterior walls of the lower level were completed on Monday, November 29. All lower level walls will be complete by December 11, and then work will turn to underground utilities and the lower level floor slab. Project completion is currently targeted for September 14, 2011.

11/15/2010 Update

Talbot East construction has begun to move vertically as foundation work continues. The first phase of foundation concrete was completed on Wednesday, November 10. Over 400 yards of concrete were poured—more than 40 full truck loads! Several more foundation pours will happen before Thanksgiving. Lower level columns and walls are in progress, too.

Biola’s Facilities Planning and Construction currently estimates that the project will reach completion on September 9, 2011. Therefore, Talbot would start the Fall '11 semester without the new space, and the new classrooms and offices would become occupied during the semester. Actions to improve this schedule are continuously in motion, but prudence suggests Biola will start the semester without the new building.

10/21/2010 Update

As excavation for Talbot East evolves into foundation work during October’s second half, Biola eyes the opening of Talbot East at a date later than anticipated. Currently, Facilities Planning estimates the project will reach completion on September 9, 2011. Thus, Talbot would start the Fall '11 semester without the new space, and the new classrooms and offices would become occupied during the semester.

Actions to improve this schedule are continuously in motion, but prudence suggests Biola will start the semester without the new building. With this in mind, the university has begun mulling over the implications for new faculty that may be added in Fall '11, as well as class scheduling implications.

Complications with Los Angeles County regarding shoring permits and safety questions delayed the project 14-15 weeks. Biola and its team of architects, engineers, and builders continued to defend the safety of the working conditions, but it took many weeks for the county to agree.

Foundation work should last a bit more than three weeks. By mid-November the structure will slowly begin to take shape.