There are now 3 IRIS learning environments:

A fast-paced, adventurous interterm class that puts you in conversation with as many as nine professors from nine different disciplines.

A semester-long, community-rich class that explores the intersections of two different course subjects.

A curated and creative narrative of video lectures and assignments based on the IRIS IMMERSION class experience.

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Fall 2014 IRIS Course Offerings


Current Topics in Biology: Diet, Drugs, and Disease by Behzad Varamini

Our bodies, intricately built molecular machines, are prone to progressive and intrinsic decay, leading to inevitable disease and death. This imminent degeneration can be sped up or slowed down based on our emotional state, what we eat, physical activity, drugs, environmental exposures, regenerative medicine, medical technologies, and sleep.

Biblical Interpretation & Spiritual Formation by Joanne Jung

As the body responds to its environment, so too is the soul constantly shaped by the world it inhabits. As we are made more aware of the profound effect that external and internal environmental, nutritional, behavioral, and pharmacological factors can shape our human bodies, students will learn through the Scriptures how to better appreciate and nurture the delicate state that is the inward being, leading to spiritual renewal and transformation.

This course explores connections between biology and spiritual formation and will meet Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:30-4:20pm.
Students must register for both BIOS 120-01 (2525) and BBST 103-17 (2526) to participate.

Sorry, the course below is now full!

Intro to Philosophy by Rick Langer

Human beings can hardly help but ask the big questions of life. What is real? What is good? What is truth? What is freedom? What does it mean to be human? Who or what is God? Big questions like these are a central focus of the Christian faith, philosophy and most world religions.

Literature & Film by Aaron Kleist

Yet these questions are also at the center of a very modern form of literature: the dystopian novel. This class will bring religion, philosophy and dystopian literature into a fascinating dialogue. We will enter the minds of some of our greatest thinkers, walk through the dreams and nightmares of some of our most imaginative writers, and consider how these thoughts and visions resonate with the Gospel and our calling to follow Christ.

This course explores connections between philosophy and literature and will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:00-2:45pm.
Students must register for both PHIL 214-13 (2927) and ENGL 220-03 (2528) to participate.

If you don’t see the GE class you need listed above, let us know and we’ll see about adding it to the course schedule for 2015!

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