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IRIS courses seek to engage the depth and complexity of subject areas at the root of a Biola education—such as, Bible, literature, art, science, math, communication, psychology, and history—by offering Biola’s general education (GE) or core curriculum classes in an interdisciplinary environment.

Each IRIS course features a unique team of teaching professors, assembled from various departments around campus, who work together to explore the connections between course topics, faith, and daily life.

Students are invited to join in these collaborative and conversational courses, not only to fulfill needed general education (GE) credits, but also to experience a unique, Christ-centered learning community and be inspired to pursue a lifetime of growth in mind and character.

Spring 2015 IRIS Course Offerings

Course Title Meet the Lead Professor(s) Fulfills GE requirement for Course Code Location Schedule
Art Appreciation Jonathan Anderson and Arianna Molloy Fine Art ARTS 100** On Campus T & R, 1:30-4:20pm
Small Group Communication Arianna Molloy and Jonathan Anderson Communication COMM 170* On Campus T & R, 1:30-4:20pm

* Joint credit requirement. Students must also take ARTS 100.
** Joint credit requirement. Students must also take COMM 170.

IRIS courses are worth three credits each. IRIS courses are offered at standard tuition rates. Click here to see tuition rates for interterm and spring 2015.

"This was more than an intellectual experience; it was a heart and soul experience." — Student Feedback

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