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Course Load:

You must be a full-time student at Roehampton. This is mandated by immigration in the U.K. You must take the equivalent of 40 Roehampton credits (2-4 classes to equal 12 Biola units), plus the Biola Bible Integration class (3 Biola units), for a total of 15 Biola units. Failure to transfer at least 12 passing units back to Biola will jeopardize financial aid.

Course Confirmation:

According to Roehampton academic regulations, "it is your responsibility to ensure you are correctly registered at all stages of your programme of study." This means that if you drop or add a course, you must double check with the Roehampton Examinations & Student Record Office/Registrar's Office to be sure that any changes have been noted. Otherwise, you risk "failing" a class you thought you had dropped, or risk receiving no credit for a class you thought you were registered for.

Everyone must check their own registration at Roehampton after classes begin to make sure the Registrar's Office has everything recorded correctly as to which classes you are enrolled in. To do this, go to the Registrar's Office and ask for a written confirmation list of the courses you are registered for. If the list does not match the exact courses you are taking, have the Registrar correct it and give you a written confirmation of the courses you are taking. Keep this written confirmation and turn it in to the Biola London Semester Office upon returning to Biola. (We may need it later for course/grade verification).


Grading is somewhat harder in the British system. It is important that you understand that the research necessary to be graded well on papers and work is expected to be done independently and that it is vital that you do this research very, very thoroughly. The conversion table below translates Roehampton grades to Biola grades. Your Roehampton courses will be recorded as Biola courses and actual letter grades will be given and recorded on your transcript. Also keep in mind that your grades will take time to arrive at Biola. Because their semester will not end until the first week in February, we anticipate that the Roehampton professors will not turn their grades in until the middle of our Spring semester.

100-68 A

64-62 B+

59-58 B-

55-50 C

44-40 D

67-65 A-

61-60 B

57-56 C+

49-45 C-

39-0 F

Please Note: Any Bible course you choose to take must be individually approved by the Biblical Studies department and will only transfer as a Bible elective.


Roehampton computers are equipped with First Class, however recently students have had great difficulty accessing their Bubbs accounts. (After double clicking First Class, the only modification is to enter "" on the line that says "server" and click "Save"). Because Bubbs has been unreliable of late, we need to have an updated alternate e-mail account for you. You should check this account and your Bubbs regularly for important messages you may receive from us.

Dr. Todd Pickett
Director, Biola London Semester Program
(562) 944-0351 x5580
Home phone for emergencies:
(949) 515-8622

Biola London Semester Office
(562) 903-4768

Biola London Office Fax
(562) 906-4562
Attention: Mary DeJong

Roehampton's International Student Office

Biola's Homepage


Travel Agency: STA Travel: 1-800-781-4040
The world's largest student travel organization
STA Los Angeles-area offices:

Westwood: (310) 824-1574
Melrose: (323) 934-8722
Santa Monica:    (310) 394-5126
If you use this travel agency, make sure you ask for youth rates (up to age 25).

Luggage Restrictions: Check with your airline about its luggage restrictions for international flights. For early Roehampton luggage storage, contact Val Vassallo.

English buses and trains limit the amount of luggage you can carry with you to 2 pieces. This does not include a purse or small bag but does include backpacks. Also, when packing, take into consideration that both the airports and train stations have many stairs, which you must negotiate with your luggage.
You may carry a duffel bag or backpack in your suitcase to use for groceries, weekend traveling and/or the Bible integration seminar field trips. Remember, you may end up bringing home "a little more" than you went over there with.

Necessary Documents: Carry with you on plane:

  • Roehampton's general information
  • Roehampton's letter of acceptance
  • Biola's letter of introduction
  • Biola London Semester handbook
  • Passport

Carry your letter of acceptance, letter of introduction and your passport on your person.

The general information and your handbook may be carried to review, etc., on the plane ride. Read and review everything…many of your questions will be answered and you'll feel more prepared.

Directions to Roehampton (From airports):

You have been instructed to arrive at the University on a specific Sunday in September. If you arrive at Heathrow Airport on that Sunday, there will be two free shuttles (reservation required) running to the campus from Heathrow. Make sure you have made your shuttle reservation with Roehampton ahead of time for your seat on one of the shuttles. Reservation form is found on-line - (click on "Support/When you get here/arriving in the UK."). Shuttle departure times will be listed. Shuttle pick-up is in Terminal 2 at the information desk. Make sure you arrive at Heathrow a minimum of 2 hours before your shuttle leaves, as it takes approximately one and one-half hours to clear customs and to get to Terminal 2 Information Desk to catch the shuttle.

If for any reason you choose not to take a shuttle, note following directions from Heathrow to Roehampton:

From Heathrow you can take the Tube or a taxi (See "Transportation Expenses" below). Otherwise, Whitelands is located a ten-minute walk from the Southfields Tube station on the District Line, or you can take the District Line to East Putney and walk from there. Digby, Froebel and Southlands are on adjacent campuses and can be reached by taking the District Line to Putney Bridge and taking the 265 bus to Roehampton Lane OR you can take the Piccadilly (blue) Line to Hammersmith and then the 72 bus to Roehampton Lane across from Queen Mary's Hospital. Ask the bus driver to tell you when you've come to Digby Stuart College, which is a stop across the street from Roehampton.

(We strongly recommend a shuttle reservation)

Transportation Expenses: Keep in mind that taking a taxi can be very expensive and the tube may be very confusing the first time in London.



Contact Person: Val Vassallo, in the International Centre, located in Erasmus House on the main Roehampton Lane campus, is your contact person. She is one of the International Administrators.

Val Vassallo
International Administrator
International Centre
Roehampton University
Erasmus House
Roehampton Lane
Phone: 011-44-020 8392 3005


Security Office: 020 8392 3333 (while in London)

International Centre Office Phone:

ID Pictures: It is useful to take two or three passport-size pictures with you. (Some students suggest using pictures taken at the little picture booths, which we have been told are much less expensive than passport pictures.) Passport photos can be expensive to buy over there and you may not complete registration unless you have enough photos for your ID cards. You will receive an ID card for the library. In addition, you will need photos if you purchase a Young Person's Railcard.

Classes: It is best to take courses in your major. If you take courses in one major, you will probably have fewer time conflicts among your course selections. In Britain, university students enter college with one or two developed academic specializations, which they study exclusively for the next four years. Be aware, then, that 100 and 200 level courses will be similar to our upper division courses, and that 300-400 level courses will be quite advanced.

Make sure that each Roehampton course you select directly corresponds with a Biola course. You must list the corresponding Biola course number on your application and this must be approved by your major advisor.

If you do ultimately register for a course not previously approved by your Biola advisor, it is your responsibility to seek and document approval for this course from your advisor. This should include specifying the precise Biola course number and title for which you are receiving credit. This correspondence should be copied to the BLS secretary.


    Keep copies of all your completed assignments;

    Record the names and e-mail addresses of your instructors at Roehampton;

    If you leave an assignment with a Roehampton department secretary, ask her for her name and record that, along with the name of the department and the date.

    If you must mail a final paper to Roehampton from the States, get and keep a certified receipt of the mailing;

All of the above are very necessary precautions, as you may need to contact your instructors after returning home and even as late as the following March or April when our office receives your transcripts from Roehampton. You may need to be able to provide verification of assignments turned in and/or papers mailed. Throw nothing away until transcripts are received and reviewed.

Books: Some needed books may be available within the University's library system. Unless the book is something you deem worth adding to your personal library, purchasing textbooks is not always necessary, with the exception of texts for some English courses. With some planning (i.e. checking out books about 1-1/2 weeks before your class will read the novel), you may find some/most texts in the library.

When going through your final registration at Roehampton, ask about book lists for your courses. If the lists are not available until your first day of class, speak with your professor to see if there are suggestions as to the best place to find what you need.

The bottom line is that you need to go prepared to purchase your books from the college, or local bookstores, if necessary. (See the BLS web page for book shopping tips.)
If there are additional class fees (i.e., labs, private lessons, use of facilities - mostly related to art, drama, sciences, etc.,) you are responsible to pay these fees directly to Roehampton. Additional costs (if any) are not included in the basic tuition.

Libraries: Whitelands has its own library containing psychology and science texts, while Southlands, Froebel, and Digby Stuart house their collections in the new Learning Resource Center (LRC). This is the beige/tan brick building across from where the bus drops you off at Digby. (Students have suggested that the library at Digby-Stuart is where you will find most of your books.) Regardless of which library you use, you may return your books to any of the campus libraries. If you run into difficulties with the book limit, please refer the library staff to David Street to correct the matter. This also applies to any extra bills or charges Roehampton may give you. Do not pay the extra fees without first talking to David or the BLS director. However, if it is determined that you do owe an outstanding library fine, etc., do not come home without taking care of the unpaid fine(s). See David Street for help. You will not receive your transcript of grades if you leave outstanding fees behind. Biola University is not responsible for outstanding fines/fees incurred and left unpaid by our students.

Int'l Students' Orientation: Attending the international student orientation is a great way to get settled in before the rush begins. Most students find it to be worthwhile, although some of the information will not apply to you.. During Freshers' Week, there are many events planned for the freshmen. One of these trips is an evening boat cruise down the River Thames and a London bus tour. Freshers' Week trips are sometimes offered at more affordable rates.

Orientation week begins the Monday after you arrive on your designated Sunday in September. You also go through registration during this time, settle in and get acclimated. Classes begin the week after orientation.

We also suggest that you discover the "Roehampton International Society", which runs social events and very affordable trips for international students. Check out their website.

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