Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    30 credits
    • Bible/Theology: 30
  • Accreditation


The biblical and theological studies minor teaches students to view all of God’s world through the perspective of God’s Word, the Bible. This biblical worldview involves understanding and applying the Bible as the foundation of the Christian faith, values and virtues — both historically and presently. Students who complete Biola's 30-credit general Bible requirements for undergraduates qualify to earn this minor, provided that they meet certain residency requirements detailed in the university catalog. This minor is displayed on the transcript if the student declares the minor on the graduation petition.


Note: Students may not be required to take all the courses listed below. See catalog for details

Core Requirements

Study of the Book of Acts from a missions perspective, dealing with the activity of the early church and its current expression in evangelism and missions.

Senior level capstone seminar in which the student will search the Bible and the literature dealing with the topic(s) under discussion in the course leading to the discovery of means whereby the subject area may be "integrated" with Biblical truth. The results of the research will be incorporated in a paper or project which will be critiqued by the seminar members and by the professor.


Choose 6 credits of 300/400-level Bible electives.