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portrait of Gary Strauss

Gary H. Strauss

Professor of Psychology
  • Ed.D., Northern Illinois University
  • M.Ed., University of Northern Iowa
  • B.Ed., California State University, Fresno
  • Certificate, UCLA - The Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction


  • American Psychological Association (Member)
  • Christian Association for Psychological Studies (Member)



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  • Strauss, G.H., & Yarhouse, M.A. (2002). “Introduction: Christian perspectives on human sexualityin a sexually polymorphous world, Part II”, Journal of Psychology and Theology, 30(3), 183-184
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  • Strauss, G.H. (2002). “'The Real Thing': A perspective on sexual revolution and a challenge to Christian professionals”, Journal of Psychology and Theology, 30(2), 144-157


  • Strauss, G.H. (2008). “Pornography, the internet, and sexual addiction.” A two-day seminar presented to the City of Chayi, Taiwan, under the sponsorship of the Chayi Christian Hospital and the City of Chayi.
  • Strauss, G.H. (2008). “Homosexuality: nature, nurture, and the lens of biblically based compassion and social justice.” A one-day seminar presented to students and alumni of the Chinese Evangelical Seminary of Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Strauss, G.H. (2001). “The imperative of the fully integrated life.” Presented at the Korean Association of Christian Counselors and Psychotherapists, Seoul, Korea. (Invited Address)
  • Strauss, G.H. (October, 1999). “The internet and pornography.” Presented to the California College Health Nurses Association
  • Strauss, G.H., & Derflinger, J. (August, 1999). “Sexual functioning among Evangelical Christians: Historical and contemporary perspectives.” Presented at the American Psychological Association, Division 36: Psychology of Religion, Boston, MA

Research Interests

  • Identity, self-concept, self-esteem
  • Sexuality
  • Research related to homosexuality and change


  • Strauss, G.H. (February, 2008). “Applied Practical Integration in Pastoral Settings and Ministry.” A six-day intensive course presented to students, alumni, and pastors at the Chinese Evangelical Seminary of Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Strauss, G.H. (February, 2004). “Sexuality and counseling.” A two-week intensive course presented at China Evangelical Seminary, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Strauss, G.H. (January, 2004). “Parenting and sexuality.” Presentation at Evangelical Community Church, Hong Kong
  • Stauss, G.H. (January, 2004). “Working with those struggling with sexual addiction.” Workshop presented in Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Strauss, G.H. (January, 2004). “Sex therapy.” Intensive 30-hour course presented at the Asia Graduate School, Manila, Philippines
  • Strauss, G.H. (2003). “Wholesome and fulfilling sexuality.” Presentation at HIS University, Corona, CA
  • Strauss, G.H. (2001). “The integration of psychology and theology.” Presentation at H.O.M.E. MA Program in Christian Counseling, Seoul, Korea
  • Strauss, G.H. (2001). “Human sexuality: Healthy expression vs. destructive addiction.” Invited address at Korean Baptist University and Seminary, Graduate Program in Christian Counseling, Teajon, Korea
  • Strauss, G.H. (2001). “The integration of psychology and theology for pastors, pastors in training, and laypersons.” Presentation at Ezra Bible Institute, Koyang, Korea
  • Strauss, G.H. (2001). “Human sexuality: Biblical perspectives in the reality of human failing.” Presentation at Bethany Christian Reformed Church, Bell, CA
  • Strauss, G.H. (2001). “An examination of 'sexual Addiction.'” An in-service presentation to the staff of the Biola Counseling Center, La Mirada, CA. Similar presentations in 2000 and 1999
  • Strauss, G.H. (2000). “What we think we know about homosexuality and a Christian response thereto.” Presentation to BBST 103 The Bible and Spiritual Formation, Biola University, La Mirada, CA