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portrait of Glenn Styffe

Glenn Styffe

Associate Professor of Nursing
  • M.N., University of California, Los Angeles
  • B.S.N., Biola University

His clinical background is varied, including Adult Medical/Surgical, Home Health, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, and Emergency Nursing. With a Master of Nursing degree in Nursing Administration, he has over 15 years of administrative experience. He began teaching in 1999, and practices internationally during the semester recesses.

He authored 3 chapters on prevention of drug and alcohol abuse for the Russian public school system. This was published by the International School Project of Campus Crusade for Christ.

With his eyes and heart opened to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, he has led teams of physicians, nurses, and lay persons to 5 African countries on more than 25 occasions in the past 10 years. Sent by Saddleback Church, he is working alongside of church, government, and healthcare leaders on a plan to increase the role of nurses and church members in the fight against this devastating disease. Over 50 Biola nursing students have joined him to serve in Rwanda since 2006.