Visual Media

Journalism is at its most dynamic when it’s done with the use of images as well as the written word; a strong image can capture attention and convey a message like nothing else. What’s more, images have the power to transcend language and speak across boundaries. With an emphasis in visual journalism, you’ll be prepared to document the world around you in unique ways.

As a visual journalism student, you’ll develop the artistic, technical and business skills needed to harness the power of images and succeed as a visual journalist. Visual journalists in the changing world of media must be prepared to blend traditional techniques – still camera work and print media – with new expressions such as blogging, podcasting and digital visual documentaries. As a student, you’ll get experience with all of these.

At your core, you will be prepared to function as a journalist – a visual journalist. You will be challenged to communicate the stories in our world in a visual way. Whether you do so with still images, moving images or the design of a publication or website, you will be communicating the message of a story. That story may take the form of a news article, images, magazine profile, environmental portraits, product images for promotional material or a PR campaign, the design of a brochure or newsletter, the layout for a newspaper or magazine, an organization web design, or many other potential visual presentations. You’ll practice this in your classes, through your practicum and during your internship.

You’ll also be able to choose electives that will give you extended experience in publication and web design, broadcast journalism, specialty photography, TV and film production, and other areas.

Like Biola journalism students in other emphases, you’ll learn about current trends in mass media, laws governing the way you go about your craft, ethical challenges you’re likely to face on the job, and how you can bring glory to God by excelling at what you do.

With several student-run media outlets on campus, you’ll constantly have opportunities to hone your skills, whether it’s becoming a staff photographer for The Chimes newspaper, creating visuals for The Point magazine or working with the news program EagleVision. This experience will give you valuable knowledge about the inner workings of media outlets like the ones you’ll join after graduation.