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portrait of C. David Peters

C. David Peters

Professor of Political Science & Public Administration
  • Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
  • M.A., University of Oklahoma
  • B.A., University of Oklahoma

CV Document (PDF)

Dr. Peters specializes in Political Science and Public Administration with emphasis in the public sector. He has taught for 42 years at Biola. He has been elected to six four year terms on the La Mirada City Council and served as Mayor six times. Dr. Peters has published articles: Methods of Building & Running a Theater, A City Dealing with Tax Cut Measures, The Use of Xeriscape to Conserve Water, How One City in LA County Deals with Gangs, etc. Dr. Peters enjoys reading, gardening, physical exercise and travel.


  • American Political Science Association
  • Association For Public Justice (National Evangelical Christian Political Org.)
  • Western Social Science Association
  • Public Justice Report Correspondent
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (Honorary Political Science Fraternity)
  • Phi Alpha Theta (Honorary History Fraternity)
  • Southern California Associations of Government
  • League of California Cities
  • National Mayor's Conference
  • California Contract cities Association
  • Board of Elders, Grace Evangelical Free Church of La Mirada, California
  • Member Board of Directors Southwest District, Evangelical Free Church of America



  • Building and Operating a Civic Theatre.Public Management, 1979 (Subject: Methods of building & running a Theatre).
  • How One City Copes When Economic Hardship Strikes.Municipal Finance Offices Newsletter, March 1981 (Subject: A city dealing with tax cut measures).
  • La Mirada Contracts For Recreational Services.Western City, November 1981. (Subject: Contracting for recreational services).
  • Letters To The Editor.Christianity Today, February 1981 (Subject: Community action vs. pornography).
  • Economic Development in La Mirada.Public Management Magazine, June 1982 (Subject: Business developments in City of La Mirada).
  • Economic Development in La Mirada.Current Municipal Problems, Winter 1983 (Subject: Economic Development in La Mirada).
  • Avoiding Residential Decay.Current Municipal Problems, Winter 1983 (Subject: Maintenance of residences in the city).
  • Contracting For Recreational Services.City Management in Illinois, August 1983 (Subject: Contracting for recreational services).
  • The Urgency of Child Care and the La Mirada Solution.California Parks and Recreation, Summer 1985 (Subject: La Mirada's solution to children's needs).
  • Contracting For Services: The La Mirada Experiences.The Journal of the School of Business and Economics, California States University, Summer 1986 (Subject: Explanation of how municipal contracting works).
  • A Business like Approach to Running a City.Business Forum, Spring 1986 (Subject: Privatization or contracting for public services).
  • Water Conservation in the West: One City's Efforts.Current Municipal Problems, Vol. 17, No. 3. 1991 (Subject: The use of xeriscape to conserve water).
  • California Town Finds Leadership at Elementary School.Public Administration Times, July 1992 (Subject: Recycling innovations in La Mirada, California).
  • Spring Beautification For a More Attractive City.Current Municipal Problems, Vol. 20, 1993 (Subject: Ways in which La Mirada has succeeded in encouraging city beautification).
  • Mandates for the Mayor.Public Justice Report, Vol. 18, No. 6. November-December 1995 (Subject: How a mid-sized American city's mayor, from the perspective of an evangelical, reacts to the Newt Gingrich Contract with America).
  • No Property Tax: La Mirada's Fiscal Policies.Current Municipal Problems, Winter 1996 (Subject: How one city has remained solvent, avoided property or utility taxes and has never had an unbalance and budget despite a protracted recession).
  • One City's Solutions for Gang Problems in Los Angeles County.” In press, Current Municipal Problems, Winter 1997 (Subject: A examination of what La Mirada has done, though geographically located in the county in the U.S. most infiltrated by gangs, to successfully combat the local gang scourge).

Research Interests

  • Institutions, processes, and behavior of American government
  • International relations
  • Normative political theory