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portrait of Darren Guerra

Darren  Guerra

Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University
  • M.A., Claremont Graduate University
  • B.A., Vanguard University

CV Document (PDF)


  • American Political Science Association
  • APSA Public Law Section
  • APSA Religion and Politics Section
  • Christians in Political Science
  • Midwest Political Science Association
  • Pi Sigma Alpha

Awards and Honors

  • Baccalaureate Speaker Vanguard University 2011 (selected by Senior class)
  • Grant Recipient, Gary L. Taylor Research Grant, Spring 2011
  • Preparing Future Faculty Fellow, Claremont Graduate University, 2000-2001
  • Claremont Graduate University, Dissertation Grant 2000-2001
  • Claremont Graduate Fellowship 1995-96
  • Claremont Graduate Fellowship 1994-95



  • Perfecting the Constitution: The Case for the Article V Amendment Process.” Lexington Books, Lanham, MD. 2013


  • Book Review: Domesticated Glory: How the Politics of America Has Tamed God by Gale Heide.” Religious Studies Review. Volume 39, Issue 4, December 2013, Pages 242 - 243
  • The Framer's Criteria for Constructing a Constitutional Amending Process” (To be submitted to Review of Politics)
  • A Few Good Men: Plato's Guardians and Protecting Democracy.” (To be submitted to Perspectives in Political Science).


  • Odysseus Unbound: A Defense of Article V and Formal Amendment” Christians in Political Science Conference (CPS), May 31-June 3, 2012, Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts
  • Democracy on Trial: Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights, and Natural Law” Association for Core Texts and Courses, 18th Annual Conference, March 29-April 2nd, 2012; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Preaching Liberty: Samuel West's Synthesis of Western Thought on Political Obligation.” ACTC Annual conference Yale University (sponsor), April 14-17, 2011; New Haven, Connecticut
  • Is There a Christian Right to Rebel?” Samuel West on Political Obligation. Christians in Political Science (CPS) Conference, June 2-4, 2010; Memphis, Tennessee
  • Coping with Two Constitutions: American Constitutionalism and Constitutional Change.” Northeast Political Science Association (NPSA) Annual Conference, November 21, 2009, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania