Model United Nations

To stimulate our students who want to interact with other collegians throughout California and the United States in authentic simulations of real world political, economic, national, international, and security policy issues.  The Department of History, Government, and Social Sciences encourages students to become involved in the Model United Nations Club on campus.  All students with a keen interest in American foreign affairs as well as enrollment in POSC 405 Problems in American Foreign Policy.

While students are responsible for the cost of these extracurricular opportunities the university desires to make funding available through
Student Activities.  A Model U.N. Club can then apply for funding for students interested in participating in Model UN sessions.  These funds
must be secured in competition with other student activities on campus and therefore students are encouraged to apply for these funds as early as possible.  Professor Peters is the faculty advisor for the Model UN club, which is organized annually in the Fall Semester.

The California Model United Nations cordially invites you, your friends and colleagues to attend our unique inter-generational (high school, collegiate and adult participants), introductory and preparatory Model United Nations conference programs throughout Southern California.

A Model United Nations is an exciting, educational strategy for students of all ages to learn about global issues. A Model U.N. simulates the activities of a U.N. body such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Participants assume the roles of diplomatic representatives to the U.N. as they consider contemporary international concerns. Through this role playing event, participants develop greater understanding of world problems and the complexity of international relations.

A Model U.N. offers students an opportunity to gain substantive knowledge about the cultures, policies and countries they represent. They can learn the details of important global issues and the mechanisms for peaceful resolution of disputes, at the same time sharpening their interpersonal skills. As diplomats working in an international forum, Model U.N. participants are motivated to thoroughly research their countries and the issues under discussion. They must practice writing and speaking skills in order to persuade delegates from other attending schools. Perhaps of greatest importance -- the Model U.N. process encourages students to learn the skills of compromise, negotiation, and consensus building.

The California Model United Nations programs were developed to serve as unique introductory and preparatory conferences for collegiate, high school and adult participants. Our primary academic focus is on the Model U.N. basics:

  • Fundamental research on essential and relevant global issues.
  • Exposure to rules, procedure and conference stages.
  • Learning how to write resolutions.
  • Learning caucusing and negotiation skills.
  • Enhancing public speaking skills.
  • Comprehending the essential goals of conflict resolution and multistate diplomacy via a simulation of the United Nations.

We invite you to consider joining us this year at one or more of our eventful conferences. Model UN students, fellow classmates, friends, parents, MUN clubs, teachers, administrators, young professionals and globally-concerned members from the many other NGO and community groups are all cordially invited to attend our exciting, single-day, easily accessible and affordable conferences.