Undergrad Info Guide

Welcome to Christian Education Ministries! If you have not designated Christian Education Ministries (CEED) officially as your major, do this as soon as possible by getting a Change of Major Form from the Christian Education office.


You will be assigned a CE advisor according to your status (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) in the CE Program.  Make your appointments through the CE office.  Your advisor will work with you to make sure that you meet all the requirements necessary for graduation.  Your advisor will update your curriculum chart, but please keep your own copy updated as well. 

It is essential that you see your advisor for pre-registration each semester for class choices and to update your progress toward your degree. 

The taking of appropriate courses and the proper sequencing of those courses can help make or break an academic program.  Plan to take lower level courses first (such as CEED 150 and the four 200 level courses) since they are prerequisites for 300 and 400 level classes.


The Christian Ministries major seeks to give a holistic training experience to students preparing for full-time vocational ministry in a church or para-church environment. In addition to being trained in general ministry skills, students can specialize in children's or youth ministry for their internship. Combining the extensive theology and ministry theory courses with hands-on practice is the goal of the Internship experience.

Through our internship program, Biola University is partnering with nationally-recognized churches and leaders in Southern California to train its students in ministry skills and leadership. During this internship program, a student will spend 30 hours a week investing in a local ministry as they are mentored by faculty and seasoned ministry practitioners. During the internship semester, students will take a reduced academic courseload, so they can excel in both the classroom and on the field.

Through this dynamic experience, Christian Ministries students will learn first-hand the joy, challenges, and impact ministry can make, while positioning them to transition to effective full-time ministry, and prepared to become powerful tools in God's hands after graduation.

Undergraduate Advisory Board

Undergraduate faculty members and a number of undergraduate CE students serve on this board, which meets once a month. The purpose of the board is to bring up issues that are relevant to student needs and classes in the major as well as to coordinate social events.  Student representatives will be introduced in the classes early in the semester.

Inductive Bible Study

Inductive Bible Study (BBST/CEED 320) is listed under Biblical Studies and Christian Education Departments.  As a CE major, you should sign up for it as the Bible course, BBST 320, in order to have this class fulfill Biola’s Bible requirement.  If you sign up for it as the CE class, you will be charged a fee by the Registrar’s Office to change it.

Come to the CE office as soon as pre-registration begins to get your name on the sign-up roster.  (Please note:  Sign-ups are on a “first come, first served” basis, according to the pre-registration schedule.)

University Writing Competency Requirement (WCR)

The student will be introduced to the WCR requirement in CEED 150.  It is vital to take the writing competency at the first opportunity and failure to do so may postpone graduation. ESL students will not be allowed to attempt the WCR until they have completed the ESL program.

The two primary classes in which students will take the WCR will be CEED 351 and CEED 382.

Students must attempt the requirement the first time they have the opportunity to do so.  If the student fails to pass the writing competency the first time, it must be taken again.  A second failure means the student must register for a special English class designed to help improve writing skills.  Students should not delay submitting their senior petition if they have not passed the WCR, but should discuss this with the department chairman.

All double majors and Elementary Education Credential students will need to pass the WCR through the CE department as well as the Education or other major department. 

Official notification of “pass” or “fail” will be made available through the student’s BIOLA mailbox at the beginning of the following semester.  Check with the CE office if you are not notified. You should have this requirement completed before submitting your Senior Petition, but see the department chair if this is a problem.

Preparing for Graduation

As you get closer to your senior year and graduation, keep these things in mind:

  1. With your advisor, project when you would like to graduate.  Make sure that the required and elective classes will be offered when you need them.  Some classes are only offered in the fall—usually ending in an odd number, e.g., CEED 351.  Some are offered in the spring semester—usually ending in an even number, e.g., CEED 382.  Some are offered every semester—usually ending in a “0,” e.g., CEED 380.  There are exceptions to this rule, e.g., CEED 461 and 462 are also offered every semester.
  2. Remember that all courses taken during your final semester at Biola must be done in residence.  Generally speaking, you cannot transfer in any courses taken outside of Biola during that semester.
  3. Students are required to submit a Senior Petition approximately one year before graduating from the University (if you wait until the semester in which you wish to graduate, there is a penalty of $200).  This will help to insure that the appropriate courses are taken during the final year so graduation may take place on schedule.  Make an appointment, through the CE office, to meet with the department chairman.  Order a copy of your transcript from the Registrar’s Office at least two weeks in advance of your appointment and have them send it to the Christian Education office. Also pick up a blank Senior Petition form to bring to this appointment. 
  4. To have a minor in Biblical Studies listed on your transcript, you must have specified this on your senior petition and you must have taken 12 upper division Bible units.
  5. You must have a minimum of 130 units of actual college credit to graduate (not counting First Year Seminar). Note that units that were waived because you took some foreign language in high school will need to be made up with electives. Two additional units of general elective are also required, though they do not show up on the three-column side of the curriculum chart. You also must have 24 upper division units under the major. This means you will need some upper division elective units in addition to our CE core classes, though they do not necessarily have to be CE classes.

Talbot Course Credit

CE majors wishing to attend Talbot may receive course credit if they meet certain standards in their undergraduate work.  Students must have at least a grade of “B” in the courses to be accelerated.  Other conditions apply and the number of courses credited will vary according to the Talbot program chosen.