Since leaving Biola, God has taken me many places.  My 1st job out of school was in the business world as a production manager.  I went from there to start my own photography company and 6 months later began waiting tables on the side.  While photography was going well, I needed a more stable income which originally brought me to Christ Community Church as the Office Administrator.  In the year and a half that I have been here, I have not only filled that role, but also the role of Small Groups Coordinator and now the Director of Outreach.

Christian Education was the perfect building block for each and every role God has asked me to fill.  It gave me a well rounded understanding of people and business.  It allowed me to be creative and to develop skills in every area.  CE even let me create classes tailored to my strengths and interest.  I designed an event planning class, which taught me skills that I use all the time in creating outreach events.  It helped me to develop the ability to be the perfect person to fill countless jobs.

If I could do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing.  I love the knowledge that CE gave me and I love the way that all I learned can be used in such a variety of fields.  In addition, the friendships I made in the CE program are the best.  The people who learn along side you in this major have a passion like no other.  They love life, they love God and they love people.  CE really is the right place for ANYONE!

- Vanessa Rinker Habben (BA in CE 2002), Currently the Administrator & Dir. of Outreach at Christ Community Church in Buena Park, CA