9:30 AM –
10:30 AM

Biola Chapel | Chase Gymnasium

Diving for Pearls: Without Desire, the People Perish, Lynn Aldrich, 2010 Distinguished Artist-in-Residence, Biola University

7:00 PM –
9:30 PM

Aesthetic Responses to the Plight of Poverty | Calvary Chapel

Welcome & Opening Remarks - Pete Menjares, Associate Provost of Diversity Leadership, Biola University

Film Clip - Humble Beauty: A Documentary on LA’s Skid Row Artists, Letitia Schwartz & Judith Vogelsang, Producers

Dual Keynote Addresses

  • Empty Walls: The Legacy of Creative Neglect and the Expansion of New Opportunities, Paul Hebblethwaite, Director, Salvation Army, Alegria LA
  • The Art of Empowerment: Learning with Urban Youth, Charlene Melhorn, Artist-in-Residence, BuildaBridge, Philadelphia, PA

Wrap Up - Daniel Callis, Co-director, Urban Studies Program, Biola University


9:30 AM –
10:30 AM

Public Art: Connecting People, Shaping Places | Calvary Chapel

Opening Remarks - Loren Baker, Chairman, Biola University Department of Art

Visual Presentation - Contemporary Art in Public Spaces, Kurt Simonson, Assistant Professor of Photography, Biola University

Presentation - Public Art / Public Dialogue, Marc Pally, Public Art Consultant, Los Angeles, and Places Program, Los Angeles

10:30 AM –
10:50 AM

Coffee Break | Calvary Chapel Patio

11:05 AM –
12:00 PM

Keynote Address | Calvary Chapel

Sensitivity to Site: Spatial Constructions of Identity & Engagement, Janet Echelman, Public Artist and Sculptor

12:00 PM –
1:45 PM

Lunch Break | Café Banquet Room

Luncheon with Lynn Aldrich & Janet Echelman
Enjoy a rousing question and answer session as Lynn Aldrich and Janet Echelman entertain your queries. A lovely buffet luncheon accompanies this invigorating conversation moderated by Mark Pally in the Café Banquet Room. This event is $12.00 and requires the purchase of a ticket in advance. Make an online reservation at or call the Department of Art at 562-903-4807. Seating is limited to 100 guests.

Other options for lunch include brunch at the Biola Cafeteria for $7.80 or dining at nearby off campus restaurants.

1:45 PM –
3:15 PM

The City as Cultural Center | Calvary Chapel

Presentation - Alternative Spaces: Community Building Grass-Roots Initiatives & Sustainable Models, Liza Simone, Owner & Director of Phantom Galleries LA

Keynote Address - Take Your Meds: Art as Antidote to Urban Alienation, Lynn Aldrich, 2010 Distinguished Artist-in-Residence, Biola University

3:15 PM –
3:30 PM

Coffee Break | Calvary Chapel Patio

3:30 PM –
4:30 PM

Panel Discussion with Symposium Speakers | Calvary Chapel

How Art in the City Influences Our Beliefs and Actions, Moderated by Daniel Callis

Wrap Up - Daniel Callis, Co-director, Urban Studies Program, Biola University

4:30 PM –
6:00 PM

Hors d’oeuvres Symposium Reception and Opening for VOTIVE | Biola Art Gallery

Information about the Symposium

This is the sixth in a series of symposiums created and hosted by the Biola University Department of Art. Over the years these events have engaged both the Biola academic community as well as the larger Southern California arts community in stimulating and thoughtful dialogs regarding contemporary art and Christian faith. Goals of the Symposia are four fold: 1) to create a compelling forum for artists to gather to discuss and think about their vocation in a contemporary context; 2) to open space for dialogue between Christians and non-Christians regarding the relationship between art and faith; 3) to foster rich cross-disciplinary discussions concerning contemporary visual culture; and 4) to positively contribute to a broader regional Christian academic discourse.

This event has always been free and open to anyone wishing to attend. However, donations and contributions of any size are appreciated to help defray expenses.

Books dealing with the arts and faith are provided courtesy of the Biola University Bookstore.

Biola University is located at 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, California 90639. For further information call (562) 903-4807.