Recommendations for How to Approach Writing

Part of your responsibility as a wise Torrey student is to notice how each author gains and maintains credibility, and how each, by virtue of reason and style, is persuasive. As you develop your sense of how to read a persuasive text, you will also gain a sense of how to write persuasively. This is especially important because you, too, must write analytic, persuasive papers based on one or more Torrey texts, thinking always about how your own paper’s form and content relate to the categories ethos, pathos, and logos. In other words, your paper’s argument must be significant, credible, well reasoned, and well crafted.

You might ask yourself, then, these questions, among others: How should I convince my reader of the importance of my thesis? How do I maintain credibility, whether in voice, logic, organization, use of grammar, punctuation, sentence variety, rhythm, etc.? Is my argument clear and well reasoned? Is my language precise? Have I anticipated and responded to counter arguments? Does my conclusion follow from the premises? Is there a consistent and authentic voice throughout my paper? Do I, and will my audience, love my sentences? As a writer, have I, in the end, been effectively persuasive?

Your success as a writer in Torrey will rely upon how well your paper stands up to the above, and like, interrogations.