If your Don Rags semester score is 95% or above, you will receive a "Commendation” for your semester’s work. If your score is 97% or above, you will be awarded a "High Commendation." If you receive Commendations (regular or high) in 75% of your semesters in Torrey (normally 6 of 8), you may be nominated for the Order of Peter and Paul and so become eligible to graduate with highest honors from Torrey. (Note: This does not affect your standing with Biola in regards to Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude, or your standing within the Honors Institute.)

While it is an honor to be nominated at all, the final choice of students for the Order of Peter and Paul is made by the tutors as they evaluate the nominated students’ work over the past four years, as well as their character, and desire to learn and serve Christ. Only 10% of the Torrey graduating class is awarded this honor so the final choices are difficult, and not receiving this honor should in no way diminish a student’s achievement or healthy pride in work well done.