Torrey Lectures are lectures that provide context for the readings. The most common form of lecture relates directly to the texts read within Torrey, but there are also many lectures which give context and thought to non-text topics.

Students must attend 1 Torrey lecture for each unit of Torrey in which they are enrolled in a given semester. For example, a student taking 12 units of Torrey must attend 12 Torrey lectures.

Attendance of lectures is mandatory. While students may listen to lectures online for their benefit, this does not count towards the Torrey lecture requirement. For exceptions regarding the inability to attend lectures, please see your mentor.

Torrey Lecture credit is sometimes given for non-lecture events such as musical performances and plays. Students should confirm with their mentor that they will receive credit for attendance at a non-lecture event. However, multiple attendances to the same event still counts as only ONE lecture credit.