The notebook for your art project should contain the following:

1. A time log showing that you spent at least 40 hours on the project. This, and all other elements of the notebook should be typed.

2. Detailed information on how you spent the minimum of 40 hours on the project. Most students find that a project is so time-consuming that they quickly surpass the 40-hour mark. Nevertheless, be sure to document at least the first 40 hours.

3. Concluding reflections: Describe what you learned from this project that you couldn't have learned from a reading or writing exercise, and also what your viewers or listeners can gain. Keep it between two and five pages.

4. A full and well-ordered record book containing preliminary planning records, rough drafts, sketches, false starts, research notes, etc.

5. A permanent record for your file. You are responsible for taking a photograph or making a recording of the final product.