Once all art project proposals have been submitted, the art project committee will meet and evaluate each proposal's merits. The committee may approve your proposal as is, reject it outright, or suggest changes that would render it acceptable. The early deadline and prompt committee meeting are intended to ensure that in case your proposal is rejected you still have time to draft a paper proposal. No late proposals will be accepted.

The proposal must include:

1. A detailed description of the project (medium, scale, cost, presentation plan, etc.).

2. Your experience and qualifications for doing this project. (Do you know how to do what you are proposing, or are you hoping somehow to develop skills along the way? Also please explain whether you have done a project in past semesters, including Torrey Theatre).

3. An estimate of how your time will be spent (40 hours minimum)

4. A plan for how you will present or display your finished project

5. A brief account of how your project is related to Torrey texts, authors, or issues

6. A signed contract saying that you realize your project will be evaluated by the art project committee, which includes students. The grade assigned by the committee is binding. The text of this contract is here; print it out, sign it, and include it with your proposal.

You may proceed once you have procured approval for your project. In addition to the actual object or performance, your Torrey art project must include a notebook and a presentation.