A notebook with the following elements must accompany your Torrey project. The notebook entries should be typed and follow the formatting guidelines of the program. Note: the project notebook is different from your semester notebook, and should be kept in its own binder. The project notebook should be turned in one week prior to your end of semester Don Rags meeting, unless you've arranged with your mentor to turn it in later.

1. The approved project proposal

2. A time log showing that you spent at least 40 hours on the project

3. Detailed information about how you spent the 40 hours. Most students find that a project is so time-consuming that they quickly surpass the 40-hour mark. Nevertheless, be sure to document at least the first 40 hours.

4. Concluding reflections: Describe what you learned from this project that you couldn't have learned from doing a paper. Keep it between two and five pages.