Students with good writing skills are welcome to discuss with their mentor the possibility of creating a project of their own design instead of a normal semester paper. The key is to talk it over with your mentor and come up with a project that is both challenging and doable.

When pursuing a project with your mentor you should be aware of two things:

First, your formal proposal to your mentor must be typed and include:

  1. A detailed description of the project.

  2. An estimate of how your time will be spent (40 hours minimum).

  3. A plan for how you will present your finished project.

  4. A brief account of how your project is related to Torrey texts, authors, or issues.

Second, you will be asked to keep a notebook separate from your regular semester notebook. It should follow the regular THI formatting standards. It should include:

  1. The approved project proposal

  2. A date and time log showing that you spent at least 40 hours on the project.

  3. A detailed sketch of how you spent the 40 or more hours.

  4. Concluding reflections: Describe what you learned from this project. This should be at least 4 pages.