Don Rags, or the Torrey final, is part of the Oxford model of education, which we have adopted and modified to be an end-of-semester one-half hour interview with your mentor and another tutor for a final appraisal of your performance during the semester.

The term "Don Rags" has come to us from historical Oxford when the "Dons," as Oxford professors are traditionally called, would "rag," or challenge, students in an oral examination.

Practical details:

When coming to your appointment, make sure you do the following:

1. Fill out your Final Evaluation form. This will be emailed to you in the weeks immediately before Finals and should be filled out before your Don Rags session and brought with you.

2. Bring your fully completed notebook and all your textbooks for the semester.

3. Arrive early for your appointment and allow extra time at the end for backed-up appointments or a lengthy discussion.

4. There are no make-ups for a missed appointment, and failure to attend results in an automatic reduction of your grade by at least one full letter grade. In most cases, it will result in failure and expulsion from the program.

What to expect:

At Don Rags, your mentor and the other tutor will engage you in a discussion of the books and ideas you dealt with during the semester. Your ability to intelligently contribute to the discussion will be treated as evidence of your learning. As such, it will also enable your mentor to give proper weight to your reported attendance and class discussion scores.

During Don Rags, the assisting tutor for your session will read through your notebook to evaluate the quality of your notes and pull questions.

Many mentors also evaluate and discuss your paper within your Don Rags session. However, the paper is more specifically a mentor prerogative and at times is given a separate session for the tutor to “rag” on it. If your mentor has not set an alternative time to evaluate your paper with you, then you should come prepared to defend it in your Don Rags session.