You are required to attend every class session. If it is necessary for you to miss a class, you should contact your mentor immediately and arrange to make it up by either attending the same session of another Torrey group or an equivalent

Though less than ideal, you may switch into another group for a semester if you have serious scheduling conflicts. Contact the office staff when pre-registering for classes for assistance switching to an available group.

Because classes in Torrey are discussion-based, each student is expected to make substantial contributions to each class session. Tutors will keep track of your interaction and will advise you if you are falling short of this standard.

Torrey classes do not have official breaks but you may quietly step out as necessary. Please use this privilege responsibly.

With the permission of the tutor leading class, parents and friends are welcome to visit a session as silent observers. Visits are limited to space available.

You are free to visit other group’s session as so long as the total number of students in the room does not exceed 20. However, as a visiting student, you should remember your guest status and do not speak unless directly addressed by the tutor.