Each student is assigned a faculty mentor at the beginning of their freshman year. Ideally this relationship will continue throughout your entire time in Torrey. Your mentor is available to provide you with not only intellectual help, but to offer guidance in your spiritual life as well.

Though most students visit their mentors more often, you are required to meet with your faculty mentor four times each semester--Mid Rags and Don Rags are two of the required meetings.

In an academic sense, your mentor holds all the power of your Torrey career in his or her hands. This is the person you go to with any troubles, concerns, or changes you’d like to make in the way you interact with the program. This is also the person to see about any projects you’d like to propose or alterations to or exemptions from this handbook. Your mentor can advise you on further study, challenge you to do and be more than you have been, and also hold you accountable to established goals.

In a spiritual sense, we are privileged to have godly men and women working in our program. As a benefit to you they have offered their individual time and interest to help you become better servants of Christ. Be sure to utilize this opportunity as much as possible.

The mentoring system within Torrey is the most important element of the program and, excluding the texts themselves, is the primary source of both spiritual and intellectual growth.