The same flexibility that exists for semester papers is possible for graduating seniors needing to satisfy the Torrey Thesis requirement; you may request to complete a project in place of a paper. Instead of a 12,000 word essay, you will be responsible to submit a 100 hour project portfolio and a short Integration Paper.

As with the written thesis, you must have a Major Advisor agree to oversee and critique your project and also to offer a final evaluation upon its completion.

You must also submit a project proposal that includes a detailed description of what you plan to do, how you will allocate 100 hours of work, the location of the project, a detailed description of the group with whom you will be working (if applicable), and a signed letter from your Major Advisor validating and supporting the pertinent details of the proposal. The proposal must be accepted by both the Major Advisor and the Torrey Thesis Advisor.

The portfolio should include evidence of your work, any comments from your supervisor, a time log of all your hours, and the Integration Paper. It should also include a signed letter from your supervisor offering a positive critique that evaluates your project as well-crafted and comparable to a first-year graduate school project.

The Integration Paper should summarize and explain the project itself. It should reveal what you learned, integrate your experience in Torrey with the lessons of the project, and demonstrate the relevance of Christian faith with the project and your applicable area of study.

Please note that you, like the thesis essay-writers, are still responsible to write your normal Torrey paper if you are taking another Torrey class in addition to your Thesis/Project. The two requirements may be combined into one project, with the approval of your Torrey mentor. The combined project must represent at least 140 documented hours of work.