The first two years of Torrey equip you primarily with tools of negative analyses: finding weaknesses in arguments, communicating disagreements, dissenting rationally from theories, etc. By contrast, the student-facilitated discussions in the junior and senior years are exercises aimed ultimately at construction.

Students in junior and senior classes are responsible for facilitating one hour of the class discussion on an assigned date. This may be done individually or in groups of two depending on the size of your class (solo presenters in classes of 13 or under). You may either lead the class as do faculty tutors, or you may present a plausible, provocative, interesting, and textually justifiable thesis regarding a central theme of your assigned book. All students must come to every session prepared to discuss the student thesis, if one is presented, and questions.

Meta-Torrey class sessions are in most cases entirely student led. Student presentations normally are based on a paper prepared by the student for presentation to the class. Contact the tutor in charge of a Meta-Torrey class for more specifics or deviations from these rules.