All students that do not have a thesis exemption or separate requirement from their major (at present, Philosophy, History, Art, ICS, and Nursing) must write a senior thesis in order to graduate from Torrey.

The thesis provides you with the opportunity to compose an academic paper of substantial length that brings your area of expertise as well as your Torrey education to a culmination of thought and scholarship. This is particularly good practice for those headed on to graduate studies, though it is a good and helpful experience for all honors students.

Before you begin, you must find a thesis advisor within your major field of study (Major Advisor) who will agree to read the thesis and evaluate it as a first-year graduate level paper. Please ask the advisor to email the Torrey Thesis Advisor and express their willingness to serve as your advisor.

After obtaining permission to proceed from your Major Advisor, you will need to submit a proposal both to him or her and to the Torrey Thesis Advisor. The proposal must state exactly the scope of the thesis and how you will structure your proof of the thesis; it should also include a proposed bibliography. Your Major Advisor will be evaluating the proposal based on his or her expertise and will be looking closely at your proposed content and method of argumentation. Your Torrey Thesis Advisor will be looking for how you will integrate your proposed project with your Torrey education and with your Christian beliefs.

Throughout the semester you will be working with your Major Advisor, meeting with him or her as often as he or she desires and following all his or her specifications. When the essay is finished to your mutual satisfaction, your Major Advisor must provide a written letter of evaluation to the Torrey Thesis Advisor. The signed and sealed letter should include the personal evaluation of the essay, noting whether it qualifies as a graduate-level essay and if it is rationally argued, plausible, and well-done.

Please note that in the semester of your thesis you are still responsible to write your normal Torrey paper. The two may be combined into one thesis, with the approval of your Torrey mentor. However, the combined thesis must be 12,000 words (approx. 40 pgs.), plus the required length of your semester paper (seniors: 12-20 pgs.).