Reading, discussion, and writing are the building blocks of a Torrey education. The requirements and the grading system are intended to keep you focused on these three tasks. Your grade is based on your completion of the requirements, the quality of your participation, and your growth in proficiency in each of these areas. Although credit is given for completion on the basis of your word, your grade also depends on your mentor’s evaluation of the evidence you provide in your written work and in your discussions, particularly at Don Rags.


Your responsibility is to read and take notes on each of the books assigned before you come to your group’s discussion of each book.

For each book that is not read on time, there is a point deduction (unless your mentor has given you an extension).

Your pre-class notes are usually evaluated by your mentor and by another mentor at Don Rags. Your notes are not only evidence that you have read the books but also that you have thoughtfully prepared for class discussion. Thus substantial omissions or weaknesses in your notes could result in deductions from reading or class discussion grades.


Your responsibility is to attend all of your group sessions and participate in the discussions. You are also required to attend one context lecture for every unit of Torrey classes you are registered for in the current semester. Your ability at your final Don Rags to intelligently discuss the books and ideas of the semester is taken as evidence of your learning in this area.

Your grade for attendance is based on your attendance at both group discussions and context lectures. For each session you miss, there is a deduction (unless you have permission to miss from your mentor). Failure to attend all of the required context lectures will also result in a deduction.

Your grade for class participation is determined in discussion with your mentor based on your self-evaluation, the evaluation of your mentor, and the reports of other tutors. Your performance in discussion at Don Rags is evaluated by your mentor.


Your responsibilities are to submit a quality paper of the appropriate length to the writing director on the due date and to complete a pull question of appropriate length for each book. There may also be special requirements from the writing director (such as attending writing workshops or peer evaluation groups) or from your mentor (such as turning in pull questions at various times during the semester). With mentor approval, sophomores and upper-classmen may participate in a club (theater or music) or do a project instead of writing a paper.

Your final paper is evaluated by the writing director and given a score out of 100. This score is multiplied by 1.5 to make the paper worth 150 points. Failure to meet the deadline for the paper will result in a deduction of at least 10% from your paper grade (i.e., at least 15 points).

Your pull questions are evaluated by your mentor on a 50 point scale for completion and quality.

If you choose to participate in a club as alternative to your paper you are given 50 points for full participation. If you choose to do a project, you should discuss with your mentor whether it will be graded like a paper for 150 points or given a completion grade worth 50 points. (If your paper alternative is worth 50 points, the total points available for the semester are reduced from 500 to 400.)