Normally, transfer students bring transfer credits with them. These transferred credits may satisfy some standard Biola general education requirements, as determined by official consultation with the registrar. It is up to you to consult officially with the registrar to determine what transferred units count towards graduation from the university.

While transfer credits may satisfy Biola's standard general education requirements, they will under no circumstances be accepted as satisfying any Torrey Honors Institute course requirements. The Torrey Certificate and graduation from the university are two distinct matters.

In order to receive the Torrey Certificate, transfer students must take every Torrey course. This may involve, for example, a transfer student with junior status enrolling in Torrey freshmen and sophomore courses.

A transfer student accepted into the Torrey program may choose to simply take from Torrey the courses he or she needs to satisfy Biola's general education requirements without completing the official Torrey Honors Institute courses that he or she has missed. Such a student, however, will not be eligible to receive the Torrey Certificate. For Biola’s graduation requirements, see the course catalogue and/or talk to the registrar.

If you have other questions about transfer issues, see the Torrey director as early as possible in your academic career at Biola.

As a transfer student, you must read all previous materials from courses that you have missed. For example, a student who transfers in as a junior is required to read all the texts from all freshmen and sophomore courses, regardless of whether or not the transfer student is opting for the Torrey Honors Institute diploma.