In Torrey

Torrey normally requires students to take 64 units for the Torrey Certificate, but you can receive the Torrey Certificate with fewer than 64 units under one or more of the following circumstances:

1. If your major requires a senior thesis or project (at present, Philosophy, History, Art, ICS, and Nursing), or if you are awarded a study course that awards units (such as the Pew Younger Scholars Summer Seminar), you do not have to complete the Torrey senior thesis in order to obtain the Torrey Certificate.

2. If your major requires you to take an upper-division biblical studies integration course, you may substitute it for an equivalent number of units in Torrey.

In General Education

Students in several Biola majors (such as science and music) may receive a waiver from part of the normal Biola General Education requirement. As a Torrey student, you may take advantage of this waiver to be excused from certain Torrey courses and still graduate from Biola. However, if you wish to graduate from the Torrey Honors Institute, you will have to take these waived Torrey units. Contact your major advisor to determine what credits your major may have waived. Discuss these issues with your major advisor and Torrey mentor to make sure you are clear on the ramifications of this policy.