We understand that with some majors the unit requirements of both the major and Torrey can become problematic by exceeding the 18 units normally allowed by the University. There are a few things you can do in attempting to ease the burden:

1. Check with both your mentor and your Major Advisor and see if there is any possibility of rearranging your schedule in a way that accommodates all your requirements. Also, discuss possibilities of summer sessions, interterm, and/or independent studies.

2. If the above will not work and you feel you may be able to handle taking more than 18 units, you may request a fee waiver for required units of 19 or more. The forms are in the Vice Provost’s Office. There are certain restrictions for this fee waiver; you may talk with the Vice Provost’s assistant to find out if you are eligible.

3. If, by the time of graduation, you are within 4 units of completion, look into the possibility of applying for graduation with 4 or fewer units outstanding. See the Torrey office for options to complete the remaining required units.

4. If none of the above solves the crisis, you may have to consider taking a 9th semester to complete your studies (not terribly unusual for the more rigorous majors). You may graduate from THI without completing all of Biola’s requirements, thus allowing you to “walk” with your THI cohort group. Discuss this option with your mentor if you are staying at Biola for additional semesters.