You have two requirements : first, you must read all texts, before the class session in which that book will be discussed. The exact requirements for any given text, including the date of the class session by which the text must be finished and any selections that have been assigned, can be found in the “THI Readings” folder on the Wardrobe.

Second, you must read all of the text and take notes. (See Notebook Guidelines) You are expected to engage the texts thoughtfully and make every effort to comprehend the arguments in preparation for class.

If you are unable to finish a text by the required deadline or are getting behind, contact your mentor immediately.

Book lists for the upcoming semester are posted on the Wardrobe. Occasionally there are changes in editions from previous semesters, so it is wise to wait for the list for the next semester to be posted before purchasing your books.

For your freshmen year, you must purchase hard copies of the required texts in the edition specified by ISBN number on your book list. Whether you may use ebooks thereafter may be discussed with your mentor.