Graduation from the Torrey Honors Institute, which includes the awarding of the Torrey Certificate, requires the completion of 64 units of Torrey courses. Application for graduation and the Certificate should be made with the director following the successful defense of the Torrey thesis.

Please note that you may graduate from Torrey without graduating from Biola University, and that you are not required to graduate from Torrey in order to graduate from Biola. Use the checklist below to determine if you qualify for graduation from Torrey. You must be able to satisfy one requirement in category A and one in category B.

A. Course Requirements

Completion of any 60 non-repetitive Torrey course units (15 courses).


Completion of any 56 non-repetitive Torrey course units (14 courses) plus an upper-division biblical studies integration course as required by your major or earned through a non-Torrey study abroad program.

B. Senior Thesis/Project

Completion of the 4-unit Senior Thesis or Project or 4 units (not counted elsewhere) from a Torrey Abroad program (with approval).