Washington Journalism Center Program

The Capitol Building


Washington D.C., USA

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Faculty Program Director:

Dr. Michael Longinow
Department of Journalism

When is the Washington Journalism Center offered?

Fall & Spring semesters


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The Washington Journalism Center is a semester-long study program in Washington, D.C., created for students interested in the field of journalism. While in Washington, students take classes focusing on their personal writing skills and on the history and future of the media. These classes: Foundations for Media Involvement; Reporting in Washington; and Washington, News and Public Discourse, combined with an internship at a top news publication, help students learn to integrate their faith in a journalism career. Students also participate in service learning opportunities as part of the WJC experience.

Washington Journalism Center Courses Units
Foundations for Media Involvement 4
Reporting in Washington 3
Washington, News & Public Discourse 3
Internship 6
Total 16