Tuition & Scholarships


ELSP Tuition

For undergraduate students who are taking:

  • 121-146 all ELSP classes will be charged at the ELSP tuition rate, $606.
  • 151-171 all ELSP classes will be charged at $606 per credit, and all other academic courses, up to 12 credits, will be charged according to credit costs, $1,340 per credit. Students taking 12-18 traditional undergraduate credits will be charged $16,071 for those undergraduate credits, in addition to their ELSP credit charges.

For example, a student taking 5 undergraduate credits along with 7 ELSP credits:

  • 5 X $1,340 = $6,700 ($1,340 per credit for undergraduate courses)
  • 7 X $606 = $4,242 ($606 per credit for ELSP courses)
  • Tuition equals $10,942 for the semester.

For graduate students who are taking 121-171, all ELSP classes will be charged at $519 per credit.


Spouse Scholarship

A spousal scholarship is available for the spouse if both the husband and wife are full-time ELSP students. The spouse receives a discount of 40% off of full tuition.

Church-matching Scholarship

In order to receive the Church-Matching Scholarship, a student must be an undergraduate or graduate student who is at least part-time. Biola will match up to $500 of church scholarship per year. (Will not match wages earned from a church or a gift from one donor in the church.)

ELSP Scholarship

The ELSP Scholarship is a need-based scholarship. In order to qualify, you must be a full-time 140s level student who has been an ELSP student for at least two semesters. This scholarship is awarded based on availability of funds.