Biola University provides intensive English instruction for students seeking to develop their proficiency in English and achieve their degree at Biola. The English Language Study Program, which has been providing this service at Biola, is currently under reconstruction.

Taking over as the new English program, the Biola English Language Institute (Biola ELI) will be launched in Fall 2015. Until the launch of this new program, interim courses will be offered in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 for those who are continuing the ELSP program and for new students with a TOEFL score between 71-78 for the undergraduate program, and 80-87 for the graduate program. There will be no students accepted directly through ELSP admissions. Instead, students must apply through regular undergraduate and graduate admissions with a TOEFL score.


For more information regarding the English Language Studies Program, please contact:

Pauline Kim
ELSP Admissions Advisor

For new undergraduate students who have a TOEFL score between 71-87, there will be a placement exam. They will be placed according to the levels given in the chart below. If placed at the 150s level, undergraduate students will be able to take two ELSP courses (7 units) with two other undergraduate courses (5 units) to meet the 12 units required for full time status. Graduate students who place at the 150s level will also be able to take one other graduate course to meet the 9 unit requirement for full time status.

English Language Studies Program
Proficiency Basic Academic Proficiency Intermediate Academic Proficiency Provisional Academic Proficiency
Level 150 160 170
ELSP Courses ENGL 151
4 credits/4 hours
ENGL 152
3 credits/3 hours
ENGL 161
3 credits/3 hours
ENGL 171
3 credits/3 hours

Note: The semester after completing the 170 level, undergraduate students must register for ENGL 100 and Talbot graduate students must register for TTSS 520.


The cost of the program is $628 per unit for undergraduates and $538 per unit for graduate students. For example, an undergraduate student needing to take the 150s level would have a tuition cost of $4,396 per semester ($628 X 7 units) for ELSP units, plus $6,954 ($1,389 X 5 units) for their regular undergraduate units. The total cost for the semester would then be $11,350. For graduate students, the ELSP unit cost is the same as the regular graduate unit cost. Thus, the total for a semester at the graduate level taking 9 units would be $4,842.

Faculty and Staff

All of the ELSP faculty hold advanced degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), linguistics, or related fields. They provide quality English language instruction to each student. They understand the process of learning a second language and are sensitive to student needs. Faculty also serve as professional advisors to assist students throughout their time at Biola.


Sung Lee, Ph.D.

Timothy Grove, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Karen Schwenke
Academic Coordinator/Assistant Professor

Peggy Burke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Our caring staff is ready to assist international students in their transition.

Joanna Chicas
Administrative Secretary

Pauline Kim, D. Miss.
Admissions Advisor